How To Use Different Types of Yard Signs

First of all, what specifically does the term yard sign apply to? Yard signs, also known as lawn signs and outdoor signs are found in open lots and yards. They are usually put up for announcement and advertising purposes. The main characteristics of yard signs are their simplicity and easy readability, since they should be easily understood by passing motorists. They should also be sturdily built and welded into iron frames buried in the ground so they can withstand environmental factors such as wind and rain.

Here are some types of yard signs widely used today:

According to purposes - Types of yard signs according to purposes include political signs, garage sale signs and advertising signs.

  • You see a lot of political signs during the election period. These yard signs are used by a family to proclaim their support for a candidate. It also acts as an advertisement for other people to vote for their candidate as well. Usually these political signs simply brandish the name of the candidate along with the position he's running for. The design is usually of patriotic symbols and patterns, or the colors of the candidate's political party.
  • Garage sale signs usually just display the words, "Garage Aale!" along with the date of the sale. If that garage sale is happening at that moment, however, then the date doesn't have to be included anymore.
  • If a house is for sale, a yard sign is usually put up outside, with the simple announcement, "For Sale" along with contact details.

According to materials and supplies used - There are also many types of signs according to the materials used in its construction. Examples of these materials are corrugated plastic yard signs, posterboard signs, poly bag signs and the more basic wooden signs.

  • Yard signs made of corrugated plastic are thick, waterproof and have good durability for outdoor use. The best thing about these signs is that they have a long life span, so they could be used for a long time, or repeatedly.
  • Many political posters use posterboard signs, which are also weather-resistant and durable (although to a lesser degree than corrugated plastic). They are cheaper to create, however, and are great for temporary signage.
  • Poly bag signs are the cheapest to produce, although compared to the previous two, it has the shortest lifespan. It tends to deteriorate if exposed too much to outdoor weather; they are not built to be used repeatedly.
  • Wood signs are old school. They give character and can actually even be a decorative piece. In addition, they are very resilient to weather. Compared to other yard sign materials, they cannot be reproduced that easily and have to be built individually. Those who are looking for yard signs as decoration to their front yards (or as an address marker, etc.) could opt for wooden signs.
  • Magnetic signs are used in conjunction with iron yard stakes and stands that have a blank space where you can put in different signs with a magnet at the back. This is a great decorative idea - you could easily celebrate any season by putting in an appropriately-themed magnetic sign on the iron yard stake; you could even put on magnetic signs which contain announcements and advertisements for your home business.

There you have it! These are just some commonly used types of yard signs available. If you're looking for printing companies that would create a yard sign for your needs, you could check out websites such as, and Good luck!


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