How To Understand Water Irrigation Devices

Water irrigation devices are something that provide water for the soil. These water irrigation devices are used in growing plants and crops. They are very useful in areas where the soil is dry and in areas where there is drought. There are different types of water irrigation devices. They have different uses and purposes. Water irrigation devices not only provide water for the soil but they can also help in protecting the crops from weeds that might grow or against frost during the cold season.

Although there are different types of water irrigation devices, they are all used in order to supply sufficient and equal amount of water in a field or in large areas where the plants and the crops are.

Here is more information on water irrigation devices.

  1. Surface Irrigation. A surface irrigation system delivers water to the soil by means of flooding. Surface irrigation can further be divided into three different categories namely basin, furrow and borderstrip. This is the most ideal irrigation to use for rice fields and other agricultural areas. The flooding effect brings equal amounts of water to the whole field.
  2. Sprinkler Irrigation. In sprinkler irrigation, a water sprinkler devices are used to be able to water the crops. The water sprinklers are located in different parts of the field. These sprinklers are called overhead irrigation sprinklers. They are higher than the usual garden sprinkler so that they can accommodate more surface area when watering. The sprinkler rotates with the use of a rotor. The sprinkler can either rotate in a full circle or partially.
  3. Drip Irrigation. Drip irrigation is known as the most water-efficient type of irrigation. The water that is delivered to the crops comes in continuous drops. This minimizes the amount of excess water that is wasted. Fertilizer can also be given to the crops in drip irrigation. This is done with the use of a plastic mulch. A plastic mulch is also used in order to lessen or prevent the growth of weeds on the crops.
  4. Pump Irrigation. The pump irrigation is used when the water source comes from a body of water. The body of water can include wells, ponds and rivers. There are different factors to consider when using the pump irrigation system. This includes the source of the water, the pumping flow rate, the suction head and the dynamic head. There are four different types of pump irrigation systems that are used. These are namely the centrifugal pump, the vertical turbine pump, the submersible pump and the propeller pump.

These are some of the types of water irrigation systems and devices that are used in These water irrigation devices are used in growing plants and crops. For a garden, most water irrigation devices that are used are water sprinklers and hoses. For manual irrigation, watering cans and buckets are used. This is ideal for gardens as you are able to control the amount of water that goes into the soil. For sprinklers, you can use a timer to control the amount of water given to the plants and also to conserve water.


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