How To Use Raccoon Control Products

There are many raccoon products that can be used to successfully be rid of raccoons and the damages they cause, which we all know can be many if you have had the experience of these little disastrous critters.

Raccoon repellents are one product that can very effectively be used, but there are several, and each has a different technique and can vary, so choosing the one best suited to your task at hand is essential.   Using a product that contains coyote urine is certainly very effective.  Raccoons are very afraid of coyotes due to the fact they know they are the coyote’s meal, therefore when they smell a coyote’s urine, they go the other direction.  Their sense of smell is very strong, so even a tiny bit of some coyote urine spread around your yard, garden, or the area the raccoon is infesting will have him running very fast to stay away.  Rain will wash away the repellent, so you must use this product every time a rain comes or you will back at square one.  Another option is to use a bottle that can hang from a tree, or as well coyote urine can be sold in capsules and you can bury them in the ground.

Another product that is a great raccoon control product is an animal power that can be shaken out of a container.  This product also contains some coyote urine but is in a power form.  A bottle of this powder has been very effective when it’s sprinkled around your garden areas, flowers, trees and even bushes.   This product in the powder form usually can last four to five weeks before needing replacement.  It can be applied indoors as well as outdoors.

Another raccoon control product that has been used is a raccoon pest repellent that is a liquid form of a mustard oil and some chilli extract.  This seems to be effective due to its very strong smell and offensive taste.   Using this spray product around your garbage containers will have them running far from them. The spray is wet resistant so wont wash right off the cans and the smell to humans is invisible.

There are many more raccoon control products that are in forms of sprays, capsules and powders that are truly harmless if the raccoon does dare to taste it, but it will send them away very fast.  The trick to finding an effective raccoon control product is right before your eyes, test and trial a few of each, see what works best and be rid of those pesky little raccoons forever.


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