How To Use Raccoon Removal Products

How do I know if I have a raccoon problem?

Well usually its pretty obvious, and the solutions are usually the same whether its raccoon, skunk, or possum.
Raccoons show up everywhere, local communities, businesses, farms, parks, anywhere food and garbage might be accessible along with nesting and refuge opportunities.

Getting rid of them is the problem, once they know or think your property is a good source of food, or shelter. They will keep coming back looking for more. Sometimes they will realize nothings there, and sometimes they don’t ever realize it.

What are humane “no kill” methods of getting rid of Raccoon problems?

First if you cant remove garbage or possible food sources, you can attempt to make it smell and taste bad.
There is a product sold in some stores and online called Ro-pel, you can spray it directly onto garbage bags, and in garbage bags to help turn animals off wanting to get into your garbage. The product can also be used to prevent chewing on yard furniture, decorations, extra.

When your working in a store, farm, or anything that obviously repellents cant turn raccoons against there is always the option of live traps. Live traps can be found at a lot of farming, or yard stores.
Farms are hard to keep raccoons out of so trapping or killing is the only real solution here, but killing doesn’t always solve the problem anyways. Raccoons will kill chickens, eat livestock, eggs, crops, and basically destroy all that you work so hard to achieve.

If  Repellents and traps don’t work for you.

Try electric fencing, when animals come in contact with something that inevitably brings them pain, after a while they will learn to keep away from it. Surrounding your farm in an electric fence is sometimes the only 100% method to keep your farm from getting vandalized by pests.

What to do with raccoons in my home?

If you have a family, the best thing to do is call a professional exterminator or trapper. Most preferably trapper. Any self laid traps or poisons can accidentally be stumbled upon, or eaten by your children. And really isn’t a wise thing to do.
Local trappers and exterminators can usually be found in the phone book, or through the local animal control.

All in all there is always a way to stop pests no matter what your situation, even if some methods aren’t as ideal as you would have hoped them to be.


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