How To Use Skunk Control Products

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No matter where you live, skunks on your property can be a problem. The main difficulty most people think of when it comes to skunks is the smell. In addition, skunks can cause damage to your property, especially if you have flower beds, gardens or other landscaping.

However, there is a variety of skunk control products on the market that can help protect your property and keep odorous skunks away. Skunk control products are designed to get rid of an existing skunk problem and to keep the problem from developing or reoccurring.

If you have noticed a skunk odor on your property or damage to your landscaping, you will need to look into skunk control products that will direct the animals away. Skunks will eat just about anything, and once they have identified a food source on your property, they can become regular visitors. In fact, a skunk who has found good food will often take up residence under porches, slabs, trailers and mobile homes, or any crawl space at ground level.

One good skunk control product to use for an existing infestation is skunk repellent. This product consists of granules that release an odor skunks don’t like. Since the odor is not very pleasing to people either, if you are trying to remove a skunk that has moved into a crawl space on your property, you should place skunk repellent granules in a sack. Cheesecloth or old panty hose works well, and the sacks can be easily removed once the skunk has vacated the premises. For passing outdoor visitors, you can spread skunk repellent granules over turf, dirt or flower beds where you have noticed a skunk odor present.

If skunk repellent fails to dislodge your smelly guest, there are other types of skunk control products you can try. Since skunks do not enjoy being sprayed themselves, you can install a motion-activated water sprayer along suspected skunk trails on your property. This is a device which hooks to a garden hose, and activates when a target is detected, sending a three-second spray of water that will startle the skunk.

Ultrasound devices also work well as skunk control products. This type of skunk control is useful for anyone who has signs of skunks on their property, but isn’t sure where the skunks are traveling. As its name suggests, an ultrasound device emits an unpleasant noise that is audible to certain animals (humans not included!), which drives them away.

If you don’t already have a skunk problem, but want to make sure that you don’t develop one, the best type of skunk control product is one that diminishes or eliminates possible food supply sources for skunks. This includes insecticides to control the insect population in your yard, and keeping your property free of bagged or loose trash.


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