Using Candles for Spring Decorating

The glow of candlelight is reminiscent of Christmas and winter, but they can also brighten up your spring décor. If your winter candles are scented with gingerbread and pine then set them aside until next year. You can use unscented candles any time of the year. Another option is to purchase candles with scents of lilac, fresh rain, and vanilla while you put your winter candles away.

Step 1

Convert Your Fireplace
Once the spring chill is over, you will not be using your fireplace until the fall, but it can still serve a purpose as a centerpiece. You will need to clean the fireplace then you can set up a candle arrangement in it. Group pillar candles together on candlesticks made of brass, nickel, glass, or silver. If you are looking for extra sparkle, try glass candle cylinders. Another option is candelabra, which are designed specifically for fireplaces. If you want a different backdrop, try a decorative screen.

Step 2

Whimsical Decorations

  • If you want to reuse your winter candles, make candle rings with artificial flowers. You can create rings out of floral wire and artificial spring flowers, including tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and trailing vines. Additionally, place a candle inside a little grapevine wreath with flowers tucked inside. Use the wreath as a centerpiece, and put as many candles as you want inside it.
  • Make a floral arrangement with candles. Pick a basket or ceramic bowl, and put foam inside it. Cut a hole in the center of the foam to make room for a candle in a glass holder. Be sure to use a glass holder to prevent the foam from catching on fire. Fill in the empty spaces with artificial flowers, and vary the arrangement by placing branches of different heights in the arrangement, such as cherry blossoms or pussy willow.
  • Cover your mantel with artificial ivy and vines. Insert blossoms and glass candle holders in various places around the mantel. Use candleholders of different heights and add other touches, like topiaries.
  • Use old plant holders with springtime designs like bunnies, chicks, or florals. After you put a candle in the center, arrange artificial flowers around it for a centerpiece.
  • Wine glasses make an elegant display whether you put them on a table or a shelf. Place a votive candle in each one and scatter grape vines and blossoms around the glasses to create a full look.
  • Pillar candles can be transformed into spring accessories by adorning them with pushpins. You can find pushpins with bunnies, ladybugs, flowers, frogs, and other spring themes at any craft store near you.
  • You can rejuvenate pillar candles for spring with a glue gun and some ribbons. Choose colors that remind you of spring like lilac, green, yellow, and pink. Then wind the ribbon around the candle overlapping it as you go and gluing it around the candle. If you want to mix things up, use different colors to create stripes.
  • If you love growing plants, start grass seeds in tiny pots. Place pillar candles on a stand and arrange the little pots around them. If you want to add more color, try blossoms and decorated Easter eggs.

These colorful arrangements will cheer you up on a rainy day. The next time it rains, you can spend your time indoors, making more of these charming decorations.

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