How To Choose Wall Art Equipment and Supplies

Decorating a home can be very exciting and challenging at the same time. Because your home is reflective of your personality, your designs and concept should be appealing and personalized without sacrificing good aesthetics.

While the entire house area and the bedroom are the two most favorite areas to decorate, walls have always been preferred to be designed first because a majority of the concept would have to blend with your wall space when you are designing. The color scheme and the art concept are the things that dictate the overall look of your home.

Here are some things that you can use in decorating your walls. Your local interior design store should be able to assist in finding these items.

  • Wooden decor have always been a top favorite among professional, amateur and self declared designers. Wood art is a timeless design - and can work with any theme, whether country or contemporary. It is easy to work with and to manipulate. There are also various colors or shades of wood available that you can choose from depending on your overall color scheme.
  • Cloth is very flexible when it comes to design. It can serve as a substitute for costly paintings. You can "personalize" it with your own design; you can wash it - making it easy to maintain, and you can put embroidery with the design of your choice on it.
  • Stainless Metal/Steel has rich texture and the color gives a commanding new look to any wall. Functionally, it can support the weight of other decor or serve as reinforcement for your wall.
  • Porcelain foil can be used to cover or wrap old pieces and give it a new look.
  • Lamps or other light decor not only serve for aesthetic purposes, but also are very functional in brightening up or setting the mood for your room.
  • Thermopal furniture board can be the base for your photo wall.
  • Regular art equipment and tools such as different types of adhesives, different shapes and sizes of shears, pins and strings, are some things you can use in decorating your wall. You can work with almost any art equipment you can find in your local art store. Just remember that your tools can work well with your chosen materials so as not to ruin your decor or art piece while you are working on how to put it up your wall.

It is important to note that your walls need not be punched and poked with every decoration. Avoid making holes needlessly, and only do so once you have laid-out the total design for your walls. You cannot just make a hole and repair it back the way it was. Your walls should remain in good condition throughout your design or makeover process.

Let your personality and creativity shine through your wall decorations. Not only will they bring comfort, satisfaction and pride to your home, but they are also good conversational pieces as well. Just make sure your other designs and color scheme will complement your wall design; online courses in art and/or design can help you with this..


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