Ways to Use Lace in Your Bedroom

Lace is more versatile than you think and can be used in a variety of ways to decorate a bedroom. If you have lace passed down from an aunt or grandmother then it would be a lovely heirloom to incorporate into a room. Additionally, you can use new lace to dress up any room and add style and sophistication.

Step 1

Using Lace as Stencils
If you are looking for an innovative way to decorate an old piece of furniture you picked up at a yard sale or thrift store, try this technique. Find a lace pattern you love from the store; do not use lace a relative has given you because this craft will ruin the lace. Sand the piece of furniture before priming and then painting it in the color you have chosen. If you have purchased an unfinished piece of furniture, you can start with the primer. After the paint has dried, place the lace on top, smoothing out any wrinkles. Tape will hold the lace in place, ensuring no blurred paint lines. Taking a can of spray paint in a color that complements the furniture, paint the top of the table. Remember to apply the paint evenly. After the spray paint has dried, remove it to examine the stenciled effect.

This technique is not limited to furniture. Try using the stencil on fabric, such as a side chair, throw pillows, or a blanket. The stencils will work best on a sturdy fabric like canvas. Simply tape the lace on and spray paint over it to create the design. Do not limit yourself to traditional lace patterns. Instead, try a nautical design or floral pattern depending on the theme of your room.

Step 2

Preserving Lace for Future Generations

Many people pass their heirloom lace down through generations or find these treasures at vintage stores. Incorporating these beautiful pieces into your bedroom design is much better than sticking them away into a drawer somewhere, and you can use these items without harming the fabric.
  • Lace can be an artwork, so try putting it under glass and displaying it on a dresser, nightstand, or on the wall. You can go to a glass shop and have one cut to your specifications with decorative edging.
  • If you are looking for a more inexpensive option for displaying your lace, try placing it in a picture frame. There is such a huge variety to choose from that you are certain to find one that suits the style of the lace. Attach the lace to a piece of foam board with spray adhesive then mat and frame that board.
  • Try making window treatments out of lace. You will need a larger piece, so try using a tablecloth or table runner. If you want to protect your lace from sun damage, hang the lace over blinds or a shade.

Step 3

Other Ways to Use Lace

  • Enhance your artwork by using it as a unique mat. Take a garden or Victorian print that has a beautiful frame and a colorful mat. After wrapping the mat in lace, use spray adhesive to attach it to the back, allowing the color to show through.
  • Attach lace to colorful lampshades using spray adhesive.
  • Adding lace to the bed is elegant and soft. Dress up pillowcases by sewing lace around the edges of a pillowcase. After you have sewed it onto three ends, place the pillow in, then sew the opening shut and attach lace.

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