How To Find Welcome Mats for Entrance Doors

We all know the saying that we are the kings and queens of our homes. In our houses, we can do anything we want. Same thing goes for its interior design and furnishings. We can tap our creative juices to make our homes comfortable yet elegant, simple yet plush. Of course, we want our guests to feel at home, too. We want them to feel welcome. Our hospitality should start at the front door. We should always choose the right welcome mats for our entrance doors. We should also know what material we want, so we can control what comes into our house. Dirt, grease and water should remain outside.

Visit the various sites online that offer reviews on door mats. One good site to visit is Seventeen door mats made of different materials were reviewed, and they came up with the top 5 door mats according to several factors such as attractiveness, stain resistance, and water saturation, among others.

The top entrance mat position was given to the Flat Weave Naturals Olefin Mat made by the JC Penny Home Collection. It is extra absorbent and is exceptionally resistant to stain and abrasion. This mat will be a good buy, especially if you live in a state where rain is a constant. Your guests can dry their shoes before entry, assuring you of a water-free and spotless floor.

Welcome mats for entrance doors are no longer just being used to welcome people and grant them admission. They are now being used to decorate our homes and add pizazz to it. There are many cool door mats to choose from - and they come in different shapes and sizes. Funny door mats are all the rage right now. You can buy them online from sites like However, if you want your guests to feel welcome and have a grand experience, do NOT use door mats that read, "Bug off!" or "Shoo!" Totally not cool.

You can even get personalized door mats! Add your personal touch by writing your own welcome message, or even adding a photo of your choice. The possibilities are endless. Click here to buy personalized door mats.

In choosing welcome mats for your entrance doors, make sure you choose the right materials as well. You would want a material that would prevent people from sliding, skidding or tripping over the mat. You can choose rubber door mats for this. Other materials will also do, as long as they have grooved, non-skid surfaces.

If you do not want your door getting stuck on your mat and vice versa, choose mats with slim designs. Do not choose bulging ones. For places with wet climates, choose door mats with polypropylene material, which is very absorbent. You can buy carpet-like door mats, those with grand and beautiful designs, but you should know that they are not very absorbent and they get dirty easily.

There are many welcome mats available for your entrance door. Take time to examine each mat. Think of durability, effectiveness and utility, but do not sacrifice beauty and creativity. Welcome people to your home with a flair.


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