What are Some Good Indoor Trees

If you’re looking to redecorate indoor space, whether it be your home or your workspace, strategically placing some indoor trees there is a good idea. This will help you create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to your daily activities, and this will also help provide you with healthy air to boot. But of course, the main factor to consider when putting a tree (or two) inside your home or office is the space. If you have an indoor greenhouse, then lucky you! You will certainly have lots more options, going up to creating a veritable jungle there if you wish to. But if you had more limited space, thank goodness for small tree varieties that you can adequately fit indoors, and which only require minimum sunlight to grow. Here are some indoor trees that you can consider:

Citrus trees. They are very viable as indoor trees, since you could treat them as you would any other indoor houseplant. The advantages of having citrus indoors is that their flowers are very fragrant, and it blooms throughout the year. You will have to take extra care to protect it from insects, however. You should also make sure to put it in a room with direct sunlight, and you will do well by moving it outdoors now and again.

Ficus trees.
There are many varieties of ficus trees that you could grow indoors. Some of these include the Ficus Benjamina (or the weeping fig tree), whose size can easily be controlled through cutting and pruning; Ficus Lyrata (fiddle leaf fig), and Ficus elastica (rubber tree). To maintain ficus trees, it’s important that you keep them in a humid environment with indirect lighting, and make sure to let it dry completely in between waterings. Know also that ficus trees are subject to leaf shedding.

Dracena trees. There are many varieties of dracena trees, and many of these varieties are low-maintenance and make perfect indoor plants. Some varieties, such as the dracena marginata (dragon tree), can grow up to 10 feet. They thrive in bright light, but they can also tolerate low lighting. Dracena marginata trees have wide leaves, so part of its care will consist of regularly wiping its leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.

Palm trees. If you want to lend a tropical atmosphere to your indoor space, indoor palm trees are the way to go. Palm trees thrive in bright light, and even artificial light is sufficient for them. They prefer moist (but not soggy) soil, and it’s good for them to be fertilized monthly. Though they are slow-growing plants, they do have a tendency to grow very tall. That’s why it’s important that you repot them infrequently, so that they won’t grow too tall for your indoor space.

Bonsai. Another viable option for you is to buy grown bonsai trees. They are miniature versions of trees, and they have been specially pruned and cut so that their small sizes can be retained.

There you have it! These are just some examples of good indoor trees. So if you want to have a greener and more refreshing environment, go ahead and prep up your green thumb! Good luck!


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