What is a Bench Saw

A bench saw is a heavy piece of carpentry and woodworking and construction equipment used to primarily make accurate lengthwise cuts on long boards. This invention makes cutting wood and boards for various projects safer and faster.

1. A bench saw is also called a table saw. It has circular saw that is attached to a motor that is mounted under a steady and solid worktable. The circular blade is movable and adjustable to make cuts on the wood at varying angles and depths.

2. This equipment is used to split long and short pieces of wood and comes with several attachments for the purpose. One of its attachments is a rip fence which is a movable guide positioned parallel to the circular saw blade. It allows the user to properly adjust the width of the cut. A hold-down is another attachment that is designed to press or hold down the pieces of wood and boards when making horizontal cuts to prevent them from being picked up by the rotating circular saw. There are also other attachments and adjustable jigs that come with the bench saw assembly to cut the wood at different angles.

3. The saw bench must be very study and able to hold the bench saw which is very heavy. It must prevent the bench saw from moving that can result to the wood slipping from the blade. The saw bench must also be able to carry the weight of the bench saw and withstand it vibration to prevent the saw from collapsing.

4. Here are some tips when choosing a bench saw:

  • Define the purpose why you want a bench saw. Are you a professional woodworker or a hobbyist? The size of the table saw depends on how you will use it. You should also take into consideration the size of the area where you are going to install the bench saw.
  • For basic woodworking needs for the home, a small bench saw is ideal as this is also portable and only requires a small space for storage.
  • Ensure that the bench saw you are going to buy includes basic accessories and features that will fit your requirements. The blade guard should be replaceable. There should also be an emergency switch that can be turned on or off as required. Some brands and models of bench saws come with a flesh sensor that can be very handy in preventing accidents. The bench saw should also have a very effective dust collection feature.
  • Do not buy the first bench saw that you will see. Always make comparison shopping and choose the model with the most features, functionalities and attachments for the right price. Read reviews in woodworking magazines.

When working with power tools extra precaution should be observed to prevent serious injuries. Always use eye, body and hand protection while working. A bench saw has a very sharp circular blade that runs at a very fast speed. To avoid getting your hand and fingers to come in contact with the saw, use a solid scrap of wood to push the wood being cut particularly if they are in small lengths that can be easily grabbed the teeth of the circular saw. Lower the blade under the saw bench or saw table when not in use for added security and protection.


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