What is Tinted Glass

Glass is a beautiful and practical material that is used in windows and doors. It provides natural lighting and heating in a room or space. However, glass can allow too much light and heat in a space making it uncomfortable. In the cold months, it means the loss of precious heat and the need for additional insulation. It can also result in the loss of privacy since the people from the outside can easily see what is going on inside your home. One window covering solution is to use tinted glass.

Tinted glass is a glass surface that has been treated with a layer or film or coating that reduces the amount of light that is able to pass though. The tint not only reflects or blocks out various levels of light from passing through, but it can also provide the occupant sun protection since some tinted glass offers UV protection.

Tinted glass is most commonly found in automobiles. Without tinting, the outside glare can make it uncomfortably warm inside your vehicle. Also, tinting the windows helps the air conditioner be more efficient since it won’t have to work so hard to cool the car. Also, it adds a layer of security since the contents inside the vehicle cannot be seen immediately. Tinting also affords the backseat passengers a level of privacy.

However, various states have different rules as to the amount of tint you can use on your vehicle, especially for the driver side and front passenger window and the windshield. This is a necessary precaution to allow law enforcement officials to identify the vehicle driver and to see if there is any untoward activity going on inside the vehicle. Also, it is for the driver’s safety because tinting the windows too dark may affect visibility, especially during night driving. Make sure to check with your local state laws before opting for the darkest tint.

Tinting can also be done for residential and commercial places. It reduces the glare from the outside and reduced the amount of heat lost during the winter as well as the amount of heat allowed to penetrate the space during warmer weather. Less visible light transmission means less fading of the furniture, floor and carpet. It offers a level of privacy for the homeowner without compromising the view of the outside.

Tinted glass can also be aesthetically pleasing, making the external of a building look cleaner, sleeker and more uniform. An added benefit is the layer of security it provides. A film on the glass will help it become shatter proof since the film will hold the glass pieces together, instead of breaking and shattering everywhere.

Various shades or levels of tinting are available. There is even the option to have a mirror like reflective surface on the outside so that the glass becomes a one way window. Whatever brand or level of visible light penetration you choose, be careful not to scratch or mark the tint. 


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