How To Choose a Cordless Screwdriver

There are a lot of things to consider when buying hardware, particularly a good cordless screwdriver. With that item, there are basically three qualities that we should look for. So we might as well help you out in that particular task of looking for a good cordless screwdriver.

There are a lot of things that you should consider when buying a battery powered cordless screwdriver. The first thing to consider would be the kit, basically the accessories that come with your screwdriver. With that, you're either going to be drilling wood or cement. So naturally there are two types of drill bits sets, masonry types for drilling cement and the carpentry type for wood.

  1. Complete accessories' kit. One of the qualities of your screwdriver is that it should be able to handle bits from various sets from different brands. So when the ones from your kit finally break or get dull, you can easily replace them in the nearest hardware store. Speaking of drill bits, another component to be considered would be the Torx, which is basically a six point type of screw unlike the commonly used flat blade with two points and the X shaped Phillips. Although you shouldn't concern yourself too much with this type, since it is only used for certain types of machinery along with other advanced hardware tools, because home repair and improvement only requires an average tool set composed of basic hand tools.
  2. Rubberized handle. Home repair is one thing, buts it's a different story when it comes to renovation and construction. So much the better if we have the proper tools for the job. Renovation can be classified basically as an overhaul of the house, which would require more advanced hand and power tools, and especially small power tools for intricate sections of the structure, such as the wiring. For safety, we should always check out the grip, when choosing the electric screwdriver. The grip has to be rubber instead of reinforced plastic.
  3. Battery consumption. Another thing that we should consider would be the battery consumption of a unit. The battery life basically depends on what type of job and the torque speed required to efficiently do the job. If you're simply putting a screw in, then expect the longevity of any battery to be ample. However, for heavier requirements such as placing in support bracings, you will need a more substantial and reliable battery system and a faster recharger for longer jobs.

And finally, the most important thing to consider would be the brand. The quality of your tool would certainly reflect in the quality of your work. Plus it also increases safety and results in less waste, like bit replacement. With that, it's all well and good, but if you really want our advice when buying a cordless screwdriver, if you're not a professional and you're only going to use it for home repairs, you might as well stick to the old manual type of screwdriver.


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