How To Buy a Cheap Shower Curtain

Even our showers need redecorating! A shower curtain fulfills the task of making an otherwise plain bathroom into one that is more attractive and fun. Unfortunately, most shower curtains with pretty designs nowadays are manufactured by well-known and more expensive brands. When budget constrains you to shy away from the expensive brands and look for more affordable ones, always remember that cheap does not mean it is not pretty.

Are you interested in buying cheap shower curtains? Here are some places you should check out:

  1. Go directly to the manufacturer's store and avoid the middleman. Chances are, you can walk away with a shower curtain at 70% off when you buy it directly from the factory. You can buy the shower curtains at factory price because you have already eliminated the padded price they allot for resellers. This is, of course, applicable if you have a shower curtain factory near your location. Also consider that you may be required a minimum order to get a huge discount, so it will be better to bring some friends on your shower curtain shopping trip.
  2. Go to an overstock distributor. Overstock distributors are shops that sell product leftovers. Remember, however, that the stocks are considered leftovers of a batch or design previously manufactured in the past season or two. Manufacturers assign their excess stocks to be sold by their overstock distributors. Since the designs are out of season, the stocks are priced relatively lower than the newer designs. Coming from an older batch does not mean that the stocks are of inferior quality, because overstock distributors make sure that these are well kept.
  3. Shop online. You can find cheap shower curtains from online retail shops, too. Head to Amazon to get an idea on which brands of shower curtains are stylish, yet inexpensive. You can also try looking at websites of home decorating shops to view their stocks in their online gallery. If the price is not posted, you may call the shop or, better yet, ask if there are items on sale. Do not concentrate on just one retail store and try to window shop as much as possible. Get your shower curtain from the one that offers the most affordable price at free shipping. You can also choose to make an online transaction with a retail store that has a branch near your location to save on shipping costs. Basically, you just used their official website to view their stocks and prices before heading out to their store.
  4. Head out to the thrift shop. You can try checking out if they have shower curtains at your local Goodwill or at the Salvation Army. What you find may not be new but they may still be reusable. All it would take is a little creativity and imagination on your part.

Finding a cheap yet attractive shower curtain becomes less of a daunting task if you have your hunting and research skills on hand. Pretty can also be cheap. So, head to your shower curtain hunting trip now that you know where to start.


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