How To Buy an Inversion Table

An inversion table is a therapeutic device that works by hanging a person upside down. This method is called inversion therapy. Inversion therapy was invented by Hippocrates in 400 BC. It uses a technique called spinal traction that is beneficial in several ways. Inversion therapy helps alleviate back pains, increase blood flow, promote muscle relaxation and decrease spinal tensions. The inversion system works by suspending the lower body. Using the body's own weight, it relieves stress from the discs and nerve roots. Inversion helps in slightly stretching the spinal discs to allow spaces between the vertebrae. The spaces help the spinal fluid to circulate, thus relaxing muscles. The spinal fluid also aids in proper brain function. Proper use of inversion therapy also promotes proper posture. It is now being used as a tool to correct the spine alignment. It also enhances cell oxidation that facilitates the production of healthy skin.

Other devices like gravity boots and gravity tables can also be used in inversion therapy. They also provide the same benefits as the inversion table, but most prefer using the latter.

Here are tips on where to get your own inversion table.

  • The Web site is a popular online store. Under the health and beauty category, you are sure to find some good items like inversion tables. Most of the items sold here are cheaper than regular retail stores and they even have free shipping. This depends on your transaction with the seller. The Web site also features a buyer's guide to help online buyers with their options before buying the items.
  • is an online store for the most popular brand of inversion tables. The teeter inversion table is created by Roger Teeter, which began in 1981. The company's commitment to provide quality products has been backed up by their 5-year warranty and 30-day money back program.
  • The Web site also sells a wide variety of inversion tables. This includes the LifeGear inversion table. This type of inversion table may not have a lot of extras, but it will be a great product for a more reasonable cost.
  • is a one-stop shop for all your inversion equipment needs. This inversion table superstore sells top of the line products that are expertly selected to meet the customer's demands. They have products from inversion chairs, inversion benches, stretching tools and inversion tables.
  • Retail stores like Wal-Mart are also a great place to look for products like inversion tables. Most of these stores have their own Web site as well. You can browse them online and when you find something of interest, you can purchase them online. You can also check the product by going to the store or giving them a call for availability.

When using inversion tables, make sure you read the instructions carefully. This product is not intended for use by people suffering from high blood pressure, glaucoma and heart disease.

Looking for an inversion table can be an easy task. There are several options that you can choose from on where to find the equipment that will fit your needs and budget.


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