Where to Find Antique Farm Equipment

A farm house won't be complete if you don't have farm equipment to go with it. It is fairly easy to find equipment to work your farm, but if you want to improve the aesthetic and overall look of your farm or country home, you can choose to use antique farm equipment to help accessorizing your house. You can buy this antique farm equipment from a lot of different websites.

Here are some websites where you can find and purchase antique farm equipment:

  • americanartifacts.com - This website offers different links to websites where you can purchase different types of antique items and artifacts. You can find scientific instruments, medical instruments, household and office equipment, calculators and also farm tools. Some of the used farm tools or agricultural equipment that is for sale are scientific corn cutter cast iron seats, shock compressors, daisy corn planter lids, horse drawn double row markers and more. You can click on the link and a picture of the item will be displayed together with the description and the price.
  • antiquefarmshot.org - This website contains a lot of information for the annual California Antique Farm Equipment Show. You will be able to find different farm machinery, tractor equipment and other antique farm items at this equipment show. You can purchase tickets at any time so that you can participate in this show.
  • agriseek.com - This is a buy and sell website for AgriSeek, the world's largest marketplace. You can find different types of farm equipment that are sold for different values. Some of the items you can find are plows, haying equipment, tractors, farm implements and other antique items.
  • antiquetractorsonline.com - This website is for dealers of parts and collectors of antique farm equipment. Some of the items that you can find here are antique vehicles, tractors, farm items, tractor seats and more. Anyone is free to post pictures of items for sale. Currently, you can visit 479 websites that offer these items.
  • ssbtractor.com - SSB Tractor is a website for antique farm equipment collectors. You can choose from a variety of antique farm items that are available. Some of these are used tractors, parts of popular brands of farm equipment, implements, tractor books, loaders and trailer parts. You can browse the classified ads on the page or engage in discussions with other antique farm equipments enthusiasts.

These are the websites where you can purchase antique farm equipment. Some of this equipment can be sold for a high price if they are rare collector's items. Some of them can be sold for a cheap price. In order to find the best antique farm equipment, you must scan all the websites and look for rare items that you can purchase.


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