Why Choose a Modern Design for Your Bathroom?

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Renovating your house's bathroom can be a big--and potentially expensive--undertaking. On average, homeowners spend about $10,000 sprucing up their space, but the cost is more than worth it when you see the finished redesign.

From creating more space to increasing your home value, there are a variety of different benefits to tackling a bathroom remodel. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a modern design for your new bathroom.

It's More Efficient

One of the biggest perks to a bathroom redesign is having the chance to update your appliances and fixtures. This is an excellent chance to create a more energy-efficient bathroom and home.

Consider swapping your current shower head for an energy-efficient one. This easy change can help reduce the gallons per minute flow rate. Low-flow toilets are another change that you can make, as they reduce the amount of water used per flush.

And don't forget about updating the lights in your bathroom. Swapping regular bulbs for LED ones can help you reduce consumption and lower your power bill. 

Upgrading theses things can make your home more energy efficient by saving on the amount of energy and gallons of water used. This makes it not only better for the environment but also helps you save money in the long run.

It's also a good investment for when you're ready to sell because many homebuyers prioritize energy-efficient homes. That means they're always looking for upgraded appliances throughout the house, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. 

A Modern Design Boosts Your Home Value

What do buyers want in a home? Updated modern bathrooms with a sleek design and efficient use of space. And while you may not be thinking of moving now, a bathroom remodel is a smart step if you're thinking long-term. 

You can even add in modern bathroom amenities that homebuyers will love. That could be anything from a dual shower head to a luxurious bath. Or you can think about things like heated flooring, which would be an amazing perk during cold winters. 

By going through with a renovation now, you'll be able to sell your home for more in the future. That return on your investment can help you purchase the new home of your dreams.

It Looks Great

Not only do you want your bathroom to be a functional and easy-to-use space, but you also want it to be a stunning part of your home's overall design. Giving the bathroom a modern look is the perfect way to do this.

Everything from your interior doors to your new tile can add to the overall aesthetics and appeal. When it comes to doors for your bathroom, you can try something with glass to create a polished, modern design.

This is also your chance to fix any issues with your current bathroom. Whether you're dealing with chipped tile, leaky fixtures, or dated lights, you can freshen everything up and create a winning, modern look.

And if you're not sure where to start, there's plenty of bathroom design inspiration to go around. Looking at other finished projects can give you an idea of what type of modern design you want to incorporate.

Adding black elements, whether it's through dark counters, fixtures, or walls, can give your bathroom a sleek, upscale look. Not only can it create a cool contrast in the space, but it can also add a modern, edgy feel and boost your home's overall aesthetic.

You'll Get More Space

Say goodbye to clutter and feeling cramped. An overhaul can increase the size of your bathroom or help you rearrange the layout to make better use of your space.

Incorporating big windows and an open-concept feel can add light to the room and make it feel much bigger than it is. 

This is also a great time to add built-in storage to your home, whether through cabinets or shelves. You could even opt to add a linen closet, giving you a place to store towels and other items.

All of this can help you get things off your counter and find a way to store them that's useful and looks great.

Updating your vanity is another important step in the process. You can easily add more counter space and storage this way, as well as add double sinks to make your morning routine even simpler.

Using a modern design can also make a space feel bigger. Its clean lines and sleek feel can make a room feel more open and add more light to the bathroom.

Plus, working with a modern design focuses on minimalism, which can help you create a pared-down, open room.

Modern Design Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

While bathroom remodels can cost thousands of dollars, you don't have to break the bank to finish a project. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways that you can add modern design to space.

You can always start with something small, like the decor elements in the room. For example, try changing the bathroom fixtures to something sleek and modern. This is a quick and easy way to give the space a new feel and update outdated hardware.

Incorporating brass accents, like a mirror, can be another way to make a space seem modern.

Or try starting with a coat of paint. That can easily make a room feel brighter and bigger, or it can give it a fresh feel.

Tile can also be a good place to begin. Think about adding a modern geometric tile, either on the floor as a backsplash. This can give the room a new vibe while also adding color and a fun design element.

Get a Beautiful Bathroom Today

Don't be intimidated by the idea of remodeling your bathroom. There are plenty of ways to add modern design and create a brand new space that works for you that also adds value to your home.

For more tips on renovations and other home design projects, be sure to check out the rest of our site.


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