How To Acquire your Paint Contractor License

Painting contractors supply floor, paint, and wallpaper finishing services. They operate on commercial and residential projects although most of the time, they specialize in just one field. Most often than not, the duties of a paint contractor would be to prepare and paint the interior and exterior surfaces of the building. This also includes supervising others in doing the same work. When you start your own painting contracting company, it is imperative that you apply for and acquire your painting contractor license. This will help you to expand your business since most people want to work with a licensed business. To get a hold of your painting contractor license, here are some of the steps that you can follow.

  • Obtain background experience. Usually, a painting contractor is involved in not just painting but business as well. Learn the trade first before even thinking of starting your own painting contracting company; much less get a license for it. You can try working under an established contractor for a few years. This will determine what kind of license you will acquire if in case you start your own business. Some states require a minimum of two years of experience with commercial buildings. More so, after obtaining experience in both commercial and residential contracts, paint contractors can get a dual license.
  • Choose where you wish to work. A license, which is valid in one state may not be accepted in another. You might want to try narrowing down the places in which you want to work. Only after obtaining a painting contractor's license in that specific place, you can consider expanding your business in other places.
  • Obtain a business license. Research on the requirements needed in applying for a painting contractor license. You must of course submit all of these. Most states require a duly accomplished application for painting contractor license and other forms like bonding, fees and tax registration, and examination application. Another form that you would likely be asked to provide is the qualifying experience form, which refers to the list of your experiences; a list of the work that you finished and duly signed by the contractors you worked with.
  • Take a test. Not only will you need to fill out a painting contractor license application, you must also take a test that includes painting and finance. You must spend enough time to prepare and study for this test after registering in the agency for testing and paying the testing fee. Wait for your examination schedule. These examinations are usually given in different locations. Most often than not, the examination given to residential paint contractors cover areas on paint estimate, construction project supervision, and laws concerning paint contractors. Commercial contractors, on the other hand, are given examinations that cover areas applying to their field. Questions will revolve around topics on preparing surface, paint bidding, and painting for different environments. Needless to say, you must pass the exam.

Getting a painting contractor license is not an easy task. Make sure that you abide with all the government regulations regarding this concern. You must obey with all the licensing and permit requirements to keep your painting contractor license. Take continuing education yearly if possible.


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