How To Activate Used Cell Phones

Cell phones have become a necessity in this modern world. Eventually, society has become dependent on these to communicate with others. Cell phones are expensive to acquire and it could really ruin one's budget if you find that your cell phone has been damaged or lost. Buying a new unit is very expensive, and having it repaired or giving it an upgrade could also be expensive, not to mention, a bit impractical. The best thing to do if you find that you need a new cell phone is to buy a second-hand or used unit. It is easy to activate a used cell phone and use it with your current provider. Below are steps on how to achieve this.

  • Check with your provider. Before attempting anything, you should first check with your service provider if they are able to activate used cell phones. Make sure that you clarify your needs so you won't waste your time and resources. Contact your service provider's customer service and ask them about their services. Make sure that you get the correct and sufficient information. If possible, ask them for the units that they prefer to work with, in case they say that they can activate used cell phones.
  • Purchase the cell phone. After you have made sure that your service provider can activate used cell phones, you can now purchase the cell phone. Make sure that you purchase this unit from a reliable seller. Check the unit thoroughly first before agreeing to buy it. Don't be hesitant in asking them for warranties and other features. You must be able to show the sellers that you know what you are getting into.
  • Activate the unit. Once you have the cell phone, contact your service provider and give them the unit's ESN or Electronic Serial Number. The provider will then check if the unit is compatible with their service. The ESN is usually located inside the phone, underneath the battery. Open up the cell phone, remove the battery, and in the spot where the battery lies, you will find the ESN. This is usually an 11-digit number so it can be easy to spot. If you find that the ESN has logo of a different service provider, then the unit is locked to that particular service provider, and you may not be able to use it. If you don't see any other logos, then you can probably activate it easily with your current provider.
  • Try using the phone. Take your SIM card and load it onto the cell phone once the service provider confirms that your unit is compatible with them. A SIM card is the small board found in your cell phone. It is given by your service provider and will hold your personal information. It also allows you to make calls and send text messages. Take out your existing SIM card, and place this into the other unit. Turn on your phone, and check if it works. If it does, then you are all set to use your phone.

If you have loaded your SIM card, and you cannot connect, you might have to contact your service provider's technicians so they can provide you with more steps so you can configure your phone's settings.


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