How To Apply for a Civilian Job in Iraq

Working in Iraq is more dangerous than working in the USA. The danger factor makes civilian jobs in Iraq more financially satisfying. The usual $30,000 annual salary of a truck driver in USA can be translated to up to $90,000 annual salary of a truck driver in Iraq. No wonder why families choose to move to Iraq despite the big difference in culture and the danger. There are many available civilian jobs in Iraq. Applying, however, can be difficult because of the requirements. Do not look for a job in Iraq yet. Instead, be wiser and apply the steps below:

  • Clean up your criminal record. Check if you have a criminal record. People, even with petty criminal records, are not accepted to work for civilian jobs in Iraq. It will be a waste of time to apply for a job with unclean record. No matter how competitive the applicant is, he will still be turned down because of the criminal record. Talk to an attorney and seek help to clean up your criminal record.
  • Condition your physical, mental, and emotional states. Civilian jobs in Iraq are mostly contract jobs. Therefore, you’ll not enjoy any benefits from a medical insurance. This is the reason why managers only hire applicants in good health. Working in Iraq is physically challenging also that’s why physical fitness is highly necessary. Mental and emotional health must be conditioned, too. Working far from the family, he changing environment, and the war can be emotionally and mentally challenging. Applicants undergo psychological tests to determine their mental and emotional condition.
  • Look for a civilian job in Iraq. There are many applicants who are eyeing to get a civilian job in Iraq. It’s safe to look for jobs in government website than risk your safety with scammers. Check the Department of Defense website for its list of civilian jobs. You may also apply through this website by filling up forms and attaching your resume. The State Department also offers a list of civilian jobs in Iraq. Look for the most appropriate job, considering the skills, experiences, and education that you have. Carefully read the job description because hiring managers are very strict on this. They only hire people that can do what are described there.
  • Prepare your resume for the civilian job in Iraq. Keep the requirements and job descriptions in mind when preparing your resume. It should highlight your working experiences and skills that will make you capable of doing the job right. Read a separate guide on writing resume. If unsure, hire someone from a resume-writing company to prepare your impressive resume.
  • Apply for the civilian job. Every job post has unique descriptions on how applicants should apply for the job. If the post says that you should send email, then send the resume through email. If it says that you send it to a specified address, then do that. Always remember to follow instructions carefully or you might only display your incapability of following instructions.

Civilian jobs in Iraq are perfect for adventure-seekers and those who love to take risks. The double or even triple salary is only one of the reasons why there are still thousands of resumes in contractors’ database. There are many who value experience more than the money earned. Whatever your reason is, make sure that you know what you’ll be facing once you’re already working in Iraq.


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