How To Apply for Employment with Blackwater Security

If your idea of the perfect job is something from the Bourne identity movies, then you just might want to try your hand at applying at Blackwater Security. With its headquarters in Moyock, North Carolina, it has been hired for its services for important world events such as to help out after Hurricane Katrina, to assist the US military forces in its invasion of Afghanistan, and to provide support during US military operations in Iraq, Bosnia and Israel. Currently, it operates under the new name, “Xe Services LLC”, although it is still more popularly known as Blackwater USA (or Blackwater Worldwide).

  • Know more about Blackwater Security. This company is classified as a private military and security firm, and in some descriptions it is called a mercenary army – one of the most powerful in the world. It specializes in training military tactics, and also provides support for crucial military operations (about 90% of their projects are government contracts).
  • Consider which division you would like to work under. There are diverse divisions operating under Blackwater Worldwide, and these include the following: the United States Training Center, which offers military and tactical training to various security and protection agencies (including the US government); Blackwater Security Consulting which provides security support; Blackwater K-9, which trains dogs for law enforcement duties; Blackwater Airships, LLC which builds an RPAV (or remotely patrolled airship vehicle), and Blackwater Maritime Solutions, which offers training for the Navy and other maritime units.
  • Consider getting trained under the United States Training Center. This training center operated by Blackwater Security will not only give you the required skills and training to be a military operative, it’s likely that you will also gain the connections that will get you inside this institution. If you perform very well during training, you will likely have a better chance of being hired after the training period.
  • Consider applying for a non-military-related position. Of course, as with any other company, Blackwater Security also needs its administrative staff as well. Some of the positions that you might fill out include being an accountant or in payroll, a secretary or administrative assistant, or as cost analyst.
  • Determine the type of work that you can do, based on your previous work experience and skills. Of course, applying for employment at Blackwater Security is just like applying for a job at a major corporation. Make sure that you have the adequate training and work experience that would make you a good fit for the job. This is not only to ensure that you will be hired for the position that you are seeking, but this is also to ensure that you will indeed enjoy the job in case you get hired. Do know, for example, that if you want to participate in military operations, you’d have to gain strong experience in the military forces before you will have a strong chance of being hired.
  • Determine if you’re prepared to relocate to Moyock, North Carolina. If you want to work as an administrative staff in this corporation, you’d have to be ready to move to Moyock, North Carolina where its headquarters is located. Currently, they are also working to build offices in the San Diego County in California.
  • Know how to contact them. To apply for administrative/ training careers, click here. If you want to apply at the US Training Center for contract positions, click here.

There you have it! These are some guidelines for applying for employment at Blackwater Security. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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