How To Block Any Incoming Cell Phone Call

Whether you’re dreading incoming calls from annoying telemarketers, frustrating officemates, clingy girlfriends, possessive boyfriends, stalkers, and other such phone annoyances or just plain ignoring the ringing phone, there are some calls that you just do not want to pick up.

You could always get a new number or a new phone, but that could get expensive in the long run, always changing your number when annoyances get your new number. One much more practical suggestion is to block incoming cell phone calls.

Call screening is a service provided by most mobile phones. It allows you a fair amount of security on your mobile and helps you regulate incoming calls so that you don’t get one in inappropriate moments like being in the middle of a big meeting or while driving.

  • Screen those calls. Take your mobile phone and go to the menu of your phone. Go to Settings > Security, the menu provided should give you options for call restrictions or call barring. Both of those options amount to the same thing: call screening.
  • Disable calls. Scroll down and locate the option to screen Incoming Calls.
  • Read your user’s manual. Those are the basic steps that should be present on most phone menus. Always refer to the user’s manual of your phone for more specific instructions for the make and model of your phone. The higher end your phone is the more involving the call screening options can be. If you wish to have a specific number blocked from your phone, you can block it from your phone by referring to your user’s manual, or you can contact your service provider for other options you may have on how to prevent this number from calling you.
  • Online help. You can search online for users who have the same problems as you do and have come up with their own workarounds on how to screen calls. A lot of phone’s message boards online feature topics that deal with this workaround and solutions on how to screen calls. A lot of the posters on these sites fiddle a lot with their phones finding ways and back doors to get the kind of service they want out of the phone. Of course you have to be wary of the advice given online; some of the suggestions may void your warranty on the phone. A rule of thumb is to not follow the advice that instructs you to tinker with the phone’s hardware or installing anything outside the ones installed by the manufacturer.
  • Unlist your number. You may also want to invest in unlisted numbers. Some service providers may offer this option to their subscribers. But this will be a premium service and could cost you a little extra on the monthly bill. You have to weigh your options on whether or not your privacy is worth a little extra every month.

Blocking calls is easy if you follow the suggestions above call screening is actually a common feature in most phones and for most mobile service providers.


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