How To Book the Baltimore Cruise to Nowhere

Sometimes the best trips are the ones that are going nowhere. You don’t have a definite itinerary or destination so you’re free to wander aimlessly, free do as you please. This is probably the best kind of cruise because not having a destination is sometimes the destination itself. You can book the Baltimore Cruise to Nowhere and just be set adrift.

The Baltimore Cruise to Nowhere will depart from the historic Port of Baltimore and head out to open sea. The cruise will then languidly travel in almost a circular route, literally going nowhere while the people enjoying the cruise go about their fun activities and socializing amongst each other. And then the cruise returns to the Port of Baltimore to end the three-day cruise.

The entire point of this cruise is that the destination is the cruise ship itself. You board the ship and travel partially to open sea where you harbor (pun intended) the illusion of being on a cruise. You can take advantage of the luxurious cruise liner, enjoy the delicious buffets, take in the wonderful sights of Baltimore, take in live entertainment and take advantage of the spas, pools and bars.

Booking the Cruise to nowhere is no different from a typical cruise so there shouldn’t be any confusion regarding the cruise.

  • Unadvertised cruises. While there are dozens of famous and reputable cruise ships docked in the Port of Baltimore, none of the companies advertise these nowhere cruises.
  • Walk in. If you find yourself wandering around the Port of Baltimore, you could walk in the booking offices of the cruise lines and inquire about the Cruise to Nowhere.
  • Online. Another option is to visit the website of either the Port of Baltimore or that of the cruise companies and check for availability and schedules for the Cruise to Nowhere.
  • Travel agent. You can also approach a travel agent to book a great Cruise to Nowhere. Travel agents will have the resources and contacts to get you on that cruise and all for a modest fee. One advantage of hiring the services of a travel agent is that they can get you good deals and package deals for the Cruise to Nowhere that include travel and hotel bookings to Baltimore.

    If you’re not a local, you may want to consider checking in to a hotel before and after the cruise. If you’re coming from another city, you can have your travel agent book you connecting flights and shuttle transport.

If you ever feel the need to just go out to sea anytime for a vacation, you could take a cruise that takes months for you to get from port to port. But if you don’t have the time for that, a great alternative is the Baltimore Cruise to Nowhere. It will give you luxury and pampering of a proper cruise but in a shorter duration and you come back to where you started. This is great idea for celebrating anniversaries, as a birthday gift or as a pleasant vacation without leaving the security and comfort of Baltimore.


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