How To Build CD Rack Shelves

Your old-school self refuses to follow what music lovers do and that is downloading music from the internet. You’re really the type to go out and buy the latest releases from your favorite band in CD form. At home, you notice that your CDs are piling up on top of each other. It’s a major dilemma for a serious audiophile like you. You scratch your head wondering aloud how to address this growing pile. You suddenly realize that your CDs need a home in the form of shelves where you can rearrange them according to genre and value. You instantly spring into action determined to create storage units for your CDs.

Prepare the following materials to build a storage unit for your CDs.

Panels of your preferred wood
Measuring tape
Clear glue
Paint brush

  • Proceed to your workbench at home and start arranging the materials that you need for the job ahead. Everything should be clean and ready for use.
  • Measure the height and width of your CD cases/jackets. CD cases/jackets are pretty standard so just take one CD, use a measuring tape, and take down its measurements. Do not remove the CD cover inside the case. Take down the measurements for reference once you start sawing small pieces of wood from the panel that you had just bought.
  • Create appropriate markings and allow for 5cm of space all around each shelf that you cut down to size. Take the paper on which you wrote down the measurements and with a pencil, make markings on the panels to guide you as soon as you begin sawing. Add 5cm on top of these original measurements. By doing so, you’ll have the spatial allowance to guarantee an easy time sliding the CDs in and out of the rack.
  • Take your saw and cut the panel down to fit the measurements. Follow the markings that you had previously made and then set each panel aside. Continue sawing until you have the sufficient amount of shelves to build the rack.
  • Smooth out rough edges using sandpaper. Sawing wood panel into smaller shelves will result in rough edges that you can solve easily by rubbing sandpaper on these edges. Take short breaks while smoothing out the shelves to check if the surface feels smooth to the touch. Keep at it until you are done with all of the pieces of shelves.
  • Paint the interior sections of the shelves. You need to do this now because you’re going to have a tough time reaching inside the shelves once they are held together by the nails. Open a can of paint, dip a brush and start painting. Follow the instructions on the paint can with regard to drying time.
  • Connect the pieces of the shelves to form a box. Use a hammer and nails to connect the corners of the shelves. Seal the corners with clear glue. You can pile the finished shelves on top of each other to create a tower rack or spread them like a straight line on the floor to create a floor rack.
  • Paint the external sections of the shelves. Take your time and experiment with colors that will match the interiors of the shelves.
  • Seal the paint color with varnish. Varnish adds sheen to the paint and prevents the paint from easily chipping away.

Half the job is done and soon your CDs will finally have their own box-shaped shelves instead of being piled up on a corner table. Finish the job by having a customized wire rack that you can hoist up on a wall to hold the completed shelves.


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