How To Build your Backyard Playground

Because of time constraints, parents don’t usually bring their children to the park. They would love to hire nannies to do this task, but that doesn't happen. Instead, building your own backyard playground will help you spend more time with your children.

Here’s an easy way to build your own backyard playground.

  • Measure your backyard. It is important to measure the area of your backyard to know exactly how big your space is. This will help you estimate the number of playground materials to buy and to know if you will be allotting the whole backyard as a playground or just a part of it. Use a meter tape to measure the wide and length of your background. Take note of everything that is already present in your backyard such as a tree, dog house, etc.
  • Sketch a design. It is good to plan out what you want included in your backyard. Drawing a sketch will not only do this but will help you visualize your desired backyard playground. Using a graphing paper will help in sketching your backyard. It is also important to ask your children for their input. This will not only make your lives easier but will also shorten your time preparing for your backyard playground.
  • Look for your materials. Once you have your design plotted, you can look for the materials to buy. Play equipment such as swings, slides, sandbox, etc. are available in home or toy depots. Buying in bulk is cheaper compared to buying individual play equipment. There are companies that usually sell their play equipment together. Make sure that instructions on how to build the equipment are inside or found on the box. You can even ask for instructions or a demonstration for their sales personnel on how to build the equipment. Take note of all screws and bolts if applicable.
  • Build your playground. Some parents rubberize their backyard to make it safer for their children. Others do not. This is your option. You can remove all the grass from your backyard and instead place outdoor rubber mats. Install the play equipment where you wish to put them. When installing swings, monkey bars, slides or trampolines, dig a square that is about one foot deep and fill it with sand. It is important to place safety landing spots where your child may fall. If you wish to create a sandbox, make a square or rectangular play area using wood and nails. Remember to net the floor before putting in the sand. Take note that if it is not in use, cover it to prevent cats from defecating on it and to prevent rain from making it wet. Finally, frame the entire playground. You can use edging material that you can buy in home depots. Create a trench around your entire playground and fill it out with edging material. This will make your playground look stylish and classy.
  • Add finishing touches. Don’t forget to add toys to the sandbox. Make sure to clean them once in a while. You can also choose to build your own play equipment from wood or other materials that you have lying at home. This makes your playground more unique and authentic.

Remember to wipe the playground once in a while with disinfectant. This not only sanitizes the playground but also prevents your child from getting sick.


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