How To Buy a Used Cargo Container

There are many reasons why people consider buying a cargo container. Aside from using it to transport goods, some want a cargo container for personal uses. Some use cargo containers as portable storage facility, while some turn them into mobile offices. If you are considering getting a cargo container yourself, you may want to look at used ones because you will be able to save as much as 50%. You just have to remember some general guidelines when buying a used cargo container to make sure that you are buying good investment. If you are interested in getting a used cargo container, follow these steps:

  • Assess what you will be using the cargo container for. What would you be using the cargo container for? Is it to store your car? As a mobile office? To build a home? Nowadays architects are very interested in the possibilities that used cargo containers offer – there are now homes, offices, and even hotels made of cargo containers. So whatever you will use it for, there is probably a cargo container for you.
  • Set aside a budget. After you have determined the size of the cargo container that you need to buy, you should determine just how much you are willing to spend. Look around for different sellers to compare prices and make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.
  • Look for the used cargo container that would suit your needs. If it is your first time to buy a used cargo container, it can be confusing and with so many options available you might feel overwhelmed. Try not to be. With the specifications you need, refer to this list of container types to make sure you get what you need.
  • Look into cargo container types. There are the ocean cargo containers and the domestic shipping containers. Ocean cargo containers are used to transport products overseas and locally. These are usually made of the highest quality of steel known as COR-TEN steel. Usually these are available in two standard lengths: 20’ and 40’.

    Domestic shipping containers on the other hand are used to ship goods within the country only. These are usually made of steel or aluminum, available with lengths of 45’, 48’, and 53’.

  • Check the cargo container grade. When you have decided on the type of container cargo that you need, you still have to check for its grade. Remember that although the sizes are standardized, the quality may not be. Grades are usually described as:
    • One trip means that the container was made in China, shipped to the US, and is being sold brand new.
    • Cargo-worthy means that although the container is no longer new it is certified for shipping overseas.
    • Wind and water tight means that there are no leaks and damage, and that it may be cargo-worthy but that a qualified surveyor has to certify it first.
    • As is means the container may have leaks or damage and you would take full responsibility if you buy it.

Lastly, examine the container carefully and thoroughly. Make sure there are no dents, leaks, and damage. There should be no corrosion, rust and signs of contamination.


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