How To Choose a Bat Mitzvah Party Theme

If your girl is turning 12, you must prepare a big party for her. Becoming a Bat Mitzvah is something that must be celebrated. This marks a new chapter of her life as this starts her obligation to observe the commandments of the religion. After all, this only happens once in the life of a Jewish girl.

One great way to make this party memorable not only to the girl but also to everyone in attendance is to choose a good theme for the celebration. There are a lot of Bat Mitzvah party ideas that you can choose from but the process of picking one can be confusing and tough. So here, check out these tips to help you in choosing a party theme for this occasion:

  • Consider the personality and interests of the Bat Mitzvah. A perfect theme for the Bat Mitzvah celebration is a thing that is in line with the personality of the Jewish girl. Check out what it is that interests the girl the most. Is it something related to books, music, sports, art, animals, places, or foods? Based on her interest, find a party theme that will work perfectly for the occasion.
  • Consider Judaism-centered themes to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah's spirituality. The girl's personality is not the only one to be considered for the party's theme. You can find Judaism themes such as Jewish holidays, biblical stories, famous Jewish women, or a charity so you do not switch the mood that much from the real reason of the celebration.
  • Do not forget the Bat Mitzvah's name when finalizing the theme. The girl's name must always be part of the party's theme. Hence, write the girl's name in a font that greatly reflects the party theme.
  • Choose a good color to come together with the theme. Your choice of theme will be your guide in choosing the colors for the party. Your choice must be very relevant to the theme.
  • Ask the Bat Mitzvah Jewish girl for her opinion. More often than not, it is best to ask the girl what her preferred theme is. For sure, she has something in mind that she wants her party to be held. If she cannot decide, give her options and let her choose what she prefers. Or, ask her approval about your choice of party theme.
  • Brainstorm about theme ideas together with the girl and the rest of the family. All the members of the family will have something to share in terms of the theme. Sit with the whole family and discuss possible themes for the party and then choose the best one. Some of the theme ideas you can brainstorm include television shows, board games, summer camp, Hollywood, beach, outer space, and a lot more.

The celebration of Bat Mitzvah only happens once in the life of a Jewish girl. Hence, it must be celebrated in a way that it will be remembered for the rest of the girl's life. With the proper selection of theme, you can make the party the talk of the town for a couple of days and the star of the memory of the Bat Mitzvah for a very long time. Therefore, there is no room for you to make a mistake when choosing a theme for this party.


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