How To Choose an Invisible Electric Dog Fence

Dogs need to expend their excess energy to stay healthy. They should be allowed to run around the yard so that they can get enough exercise. But for those properties which are not enclosed by concrete or solid fencing and gates, this can be a problem. A dog can wander off and get lost or meet an accident or create havoc in a neighbor’s garden or chase and at worst, bite people. Rather than placing your dog on a leash and tying it to a post or fence where it will have limited movement, you can install and invisible electric dog fence. These come in several styles and range and will allow your dog to roam a designated area in your yard and prevent your dog from wandering off. Here are some tips on how to choose an invisible electric dog fence.

  • Choose an invisible electric dog fence that is suitable for the size of your yard. Electric dog fences come in a variety of range. If you have a small yard, a fence with limited range is ideal. If you have quiet a large yard, then you need a unit with a wider range that can cover a larger portion of your property.
  • Your choice will also depend on the number of dogs you own. Typically an invisible electric dog fence will be used by one to two dogs, maximum. If you have more than two dogs, you will have very limited choices in the units available to allow you to buy and install a unit that will be able to handle more dogs. If you cannot find a unit to suit your requirements you may have to install more devices for your number of dogs.
  • Your budget is an important consideration when choosing an invisible electric dog fence. Price of a unit starts at around four hundred dollars. This can go up depending on the make and brand of the electric dog fence. The unit runs on electricity and the transmitter attached to the dog’s collar runs on batteries.
  • Choice of invisible electric dog fence is also dependent on the size of your dog. There are units that are suitable for small dogs and some units suitable for larger dogs. Your dog’s temperament also plays a major factor in your choice. You need to provide training for your dog to get used and understand the signs that you will put up around the perimeter of the area covered by the electric dog fence. For dogs that require privacy you may have to build a physical fence to shield your dog from prying eyes. For dogs of high value, an electric dog fence is not a deterrent for long-reaching arms.
  • Quality is another important consideration when choosing an electric dog fence. Search online for product and consumer reviews to find a unit that is not only of high quality but one that will be suitable and will meet all or most of your requirements.

Determine first all your requirements before you purchase an invisible electric dog fence. Be sure that you have gathered enough information to make a wise purchase. Compare prices, models, features and prices. The right unit will give your dog the freedom to run safely around your yard and accord you with some peace of mind.


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