How To Choose the Hair Color that Suits You

It's every woman's secret trick, to update one's look; all you have to do is change your hair color. Changing one's hair color isn't drastic; it's simple and can be done easily. A change in color instantly updates a look, brightening up your face and highlighting your features. Sometimes, though, you wonder if the hair color you covet would look good on you. If you want to find out if a particular hair color suits you, below are several ways and tips.

  • Learn about hair color. Before applying it to your hair, it is best to learn more about hair color. You must know that hair color is actually divided into a number of different shade levels. The darkest shade is black, and is assigned the number 1 as its color code. The lightest, which is platinum blonde, is considered level 10. If you wish to lighten or darken your hair permanently, your best bet is to go two levels lighter or darker. This is the maximum number you can lighten or darken your hair with optimum results. You may also choose to stay at the same level, maintaining your current hair color, but with richer tones.
  • Hair color should suit your skin tone. Hair color will look best on you if it complements you skin perfectly. As a rule, people with a pinkish skin color, look good with light or ash blonde hair colors, but will look washed out with a strawberry or golden blonde tone. Those with olive skin look their best in darker, richer colors like dark auburn and chocolate browns. Pale skinned people should avoid the dark and harsh hair colors to avoid looking paler than they already are. Pale skinned people will look great with a touch of vibrant red, or dirty blonde hair colors. Generally, individuals who started out with blonde hair as a child will look great in blonde when they grow up.
  • If you don't want to commit, try semi-permanent. If you think that you will not be able to pull off a hair color, but wish to experiment anyway, try using a semi-permanent hair color. It is a kind of hair color that has ammonia, so the hair color will be retained for a period, but it is semi-permanent, so it can easily be washed off in around 12 to 18 showers. If you like how the colors brighten your features, then you can opt to use permanent color that will last longer.
  • Consider color maintenance. If you are coloring your hair, you will be faced with the task of maintaining the color. When your hair grows out, roots will start appearing in your hair. Especially if you are dark-haired, going blonde, it can look very unbecoming once your roots start showing through. Start off with a more brunette shade, which is easier to maintain and won't look as bad once roots come out.
  • Highlights bring out textures. If you don't really want to change the overall color of your hair, you can try getting highlights. Highlights merely give texture to one's hair, making it appear brighter and livelier. Highlights give hair extra impact, especially when done right.

While coloring your hair by yourself is fun, it is recommended that you visit a salon to get your hair colored, so you will be able to distribute the colors evenly. Don't forget to moisturize your hair so it won't dry out, and remember that if you don't like the way the color turned out, you can always dye it back to your original color.


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