How To Convert VHS to a DVD

The prevalence of digital entertainment has rendered VHS and other analog forms of storage almost obsolete. But what can you do with your VHS tapes, loaded with home videos or even your favorite movies? Don't worry, you won't have to leave them behind and forget these memories. What you can do is convert these VHS tapes to their digital counterpart, which is usually the DVD. Currently the most popular form of viewing videos, the DVD has become a universal way to store and view videos, photos and other data. Below are steps on how to convert your VHS tapes to DVD copies.

  • Get the items you need. You will need the following items to be able to convert your VHS tapes to DVD. You will need a DVD burner, a VCR, a TV set, a tuner card, some A/V or S-video cables, video capturing software, the VHS tape, and a blank DVD. You can get all these items from an electronic store, so it won't be too difficult for you to acquire them.   
  • Connect your VCR to the tuner card. Take your VCR or VHS player, and connect this to your TV tuner card, which is located in your computer. Use the A/V cables or the S-Video cables to connect these. Check the back of the VCR to see the video output sockets. If you cannot find it at the back, check the sides of the VHS player, as some models have the sockets placed there. You may even find it in front of the player, hidden by a panel that you can open. Check the manual of the VCR if you still have it. The TV tuner card works as a video-capturing machine, recording the video from the VHS to your computer.  
  • Run the software. Check if you have the video-capture software installed in your computer, and run this. Your TV tuner card will usually have this software included in the product, so you won't have to buy. If you prefer other video editing software, you may do so. The most popular software for video editing is either Adobe Premiere or Avid. You can buy this from any computer software store.  
  • Capture the video. Once you open the editing software, your goal is to find the functions that tell the computer to 'capture' the video being transferred from the VHS to the computer. You should find the tab labeled; 'Settings' or 'Options' and click the option that lets you customize your options for capturing videos. Click on 'Capture' and make sure that you mark the output video format as MPEG2. Press 'capture' on the software, and at the same time, press 'Play' on the VCR. This automatically converts the video from the VHS to a digital video format.  
  • Burn the video to DVD. After the computer has finished capturing the video, you can now burn this to a DVD. Open your DVD burning software and choose 'Make a DVD.' You will now be prompted to add the files you wish to save to the DVD. Choose the video you have just converted and add this to the DVD. Click 'Burn' and wait for the whole file to be written into the DVD.  
  • Label the DVD. Once the DVD has finished burning, label the DVD clearly using a felt-tip pen or some DVD sticker labels. Use a descriptive name to avoid confusion.

Now that you know how to convert VHS to DVD, your analog memories won't have to be forgotten.


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