How To Cook a Tender Calf Liver

Calf liver is one of the dishes that you can serve during special events and family dinners. This is a dish that everyone will surely love if you know how to cook it well. Calf liver can be tough to eat and swallow if it is overcooked. The cooking method, together with the flavors that you will add to the calf liver is a combination that you have to perfect in order to come up with a good meal. Here are the steps that you can follow to cook tender calf liver.

  • Choosing the calf liver. Make sure that you purchase the freshest calf liver from the market. When purchasing, check the label when it was packaged and the sell by date. Always choose the latest date. Inspect the calf liver. The surface of the calf liver should be shiny. You can also smell it for freshness. Ask if the calf is organically raised. You should always buy liver from calf that is organically raised to reduce having toxins and chemicals in the liver.
  • Preparation of the liver. Cut the meat into smaller portions. You can cut it in strips or cut it to lessen the thickness. This will help in cooking. Since the liver is smaller, it will cook faster and there is a lesser chance of overcooking the liver and making it hard.
  • Use tenderizer. You can combine a mixture of tenderizer to make the calf liver even more tender. Get a small mixing bowl and crack an egg. Whisk the egg and then add a quarter cup of milk. Combine the egg and the milk until well blended. Place the calf liver pieces in the mixture. You can leave it there for a few minutes to soak.
  • Add seasoning to the liver. You can keep the dish simple by seasoning the calf liver with a dash of salt and pepper. You can also combine some herbs and spices if you wish. Coat the Get the liver pieces from the tenderizer mixture and then season it with your choice of seasoning. Place the liver pieces on a plate to prepare for cooking.
  • Cook the liver calf. Prepare a skillet where you can cook the calf liver. Turn on the heat to high to heat up the pan. The pan needs to be heated up so that the calf liver can be cooked evenly. Use olive oil or butter to coat the bottom of the skillet. When the skillet is well heated, lower the temperature. Add the liver calf pieces to the skillet and cook each side for about 5 minutes. You can check if the liver calf is thoroughly cooked by slicing a portion. The inside of the liver should not be red.

These are the steps you can follow to cook tender calf liver. You might need to practice cooking to get the cooking perfect. Experiment by using different types of herbs, spices and seasonings so that you can see what tastes best with the calf liver.


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