How To Cook French Fries

French fries are usually served as side dish on restaurants and fast foods. Ketchup, vinegar and barbecue sauce are commonly used as dips. Some use mayonnaise for dip as well. Aside from being served as side dish, these are also great for snacks. You don’t have to order in a fast food or restaurant if you want to eat French fries. These are easy and fast to cook. You can buy packed and frozen French fries in grocery stores or you can buy fresh potatoes and cut these to make French fries.

Here are the steps on how to cook French fries.

  • Get the things that you will need. These are 1 bag of French fries, salt, deep fry basket and deep heat oil fryer. Get large potatoes instead of bag of French fries if you will be making your own fries. If you don’t have deep fryer basket and deep heat oil fryer, you can also use pot, stainless tong and strainer. Put the French fries on the freezer if you will not use these immediately after buying on the store.
  • Prepare French fries. Get the bag of French fries on the freezer and leave for a few minutes so that these will not be frozen when you cook them. If you will be using fresh potatoes, peel these then cut both ends to make these flat. Cut these into halves then cut into strips for your French fries. Get a bowl and fill this with cold water. Put the potatoes that you cut on the bowl so that these will not turn brown while cutting the remaining potatoes.
  • Cook French fries in deep heat oil fryer. Put oil on the deep fryer and set heat to 375 degrees. Put some fries on the frying basket. Do not overload so the fries will be cooked well. Put the frying basket on the fryer to cook the fries. While waiting for the fries to cook, get a serving bowl or plate and line with parchment paper or paper towel. The paper will absorb the excess oil from the fries. Once the fries are golden brown, lift the frying basket and allow the excess oil to drip back to the fryer then put these on the serving plate or bowl. Cook the remaining fries.
  • Cook fries using pot. If you don’t have a frying basket and deep heat oil fryer, get a pot and put oil for deep frying. Turn stove to high heat to heat oil. Once oil is hot, put some fries on the pot. Be careful in doing this to prevent hot oil from splashing to you. Do not overload the pot with fries. Cook fries by batch to make sure these will be cooked properly. If the fries are cooked, use your stainless tong to get the fries and drain excess oil with your stainless strainer. Do not use plastic tong and strainer because these will melt on the hot oil. Put cooked fries on the lined plate or bowl.

Sprinkle your French fries with salt and serve as a side dish on your meal or serve this for your snack time. Prepare ketchup or mayonnaise dip to make these even more delicious.


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