How To Cover Your Scars

Scars often cause a lot of people to become self-conscious, impacting their self-esteem in the process. But there are ways to cover up these unsightly scars.

Your options for your scars include plastic surgery and make up. Plastic surgery is a more expensive option. A permanent one would be to have a professional plastic surgeon perform a procedure to remove your scar. You need to consult with a plastic surgeon to assess the scar and to see if anything can be done to correct it. But sometimes a scar cannot be fully removed from your person.

You can use make up. Here’s how:

  • Match your skin tone. You need to choose a concealer that will match the skin color of the area the scar is on. Ask any cosmetician and they’ll tell you that our skin color is not even all over the body. Some parts may be darker than the rest like our legs and arms. Go to the make up section in a department store and ask the cosmetician for help matching your skin color with a concealer for your scar. You can ask for help on how to pick a color consistent with your skin color.
  • Learn the steps. You can ask for a demonstration on how to conceal your scar using make up. Pay attention to the steps that will be shown to you so that later on, you can apply it without any problems.
  • Make it look natural. There is a technique on how to blend the make up so that it looks part of your body. Don’t be afraid to ask the cosmetician on the techniques on how to do it. It is better that you fully understand how to make it look natural rather than experiment on it at home and come up with make up that draws attention to your scar rather than draw attention away from it.
  • Moisturize your skin first. The first step is always to moisturize your skin. You can use any commercial moisturizer that contains Vitamin E in it. Vitamin E nourishes the skin, making it softer. This will help soften the scar and making it easy to apply concealing make up on it.
  • Blend using your fingers. Use liquid concealer on your scar. Never slather on the concealer at the first go, begin with a few drops on your fingertips and gently smooth it over your scar. Add more if you think it’s necessary, at this point it doesn’t need to match the color of your skin as you will be applying make up on it later.
  • Blend in the foundation. Atop the concealer, blend the foundation in. Use a sponge for the broad strokes and your fingertips for the details. The idea is to cover up the scar with enough foundation to cover up the unsightly color and scar. At this point, you’ll be using your judgment on how much you’ll be using to cover up.

When figuring out the correct color and blending technique to cover up the scars, you may go through a period of trial and error. Just keep at it and you’ll find the right colors for you.

You can also use these techniques to cover up acne as well.


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