How To Create a Pirate Themed Bedroom

Have you noticed that little boys often engage in role play games? They love to portray the characters from the shows they watch on television and movies. Now why not help your boy actualize his dream of being one of these characters? Say, decorate his bedroom with pirate as theme? He will surely appreciate it if you create a pirate themed bedroom where he can sleep, play and dream of being Captain Jack Sparrow!

Here are suggestions you can follow in creating a pirate themed bedroom:

  • Prepare the materials. You will need these materials for this project; rope, wooden chests and crates, PVC pipe, cloth, paint, leather sheet, horn, wall paper with an image of a ship as design.
  • Clean up. Scrub the walls with firm sponge and a good detergent. Remove the curtains and wash the windows as well. Take down old posters and decorations.
  • Repaint. Color the entire wall with different hues of brown and blue. The color blue represents the color of the sea while the color brown suits the color of a ship. Apply a darker shade of blue at the lower part of the wall to give a deep blue ocean look. Make the shade lighter as you proceed in painting the upper portion of the wall. Paint the window frames and sills with mahogany brown. Give it a little touch of worn out effect by scraping some areas of the window sill. Include paintings of fish, octopus, shells, and chests with treasures in it and underwater plants.
  • Cover the windows. Use a leather sheet to cover the windows but leave a small portion open. Hang a horn by the window. If you can – look for a leather horn but if there is none available, you can make use of a plastic type. You can buy this item from toy stores.
  • Create a shipwrecked look. Put up a mast and sails with the use of PVC pipe and canvas sheets. You may use a piece of dirty white cloth or old curtains in place of the canvas sheets for the sails. To do the mast, use a black PVC pipe (measuring 3 inches in diameter) with a length that extends up to the ceiling. Paint the PVC pipe brown or black.
  • Secure the sails. Tie them with a rope at one end of the mast and tie the other end on the bedpost. Be careful however to tie it tightly so it will not collapse on the bed and cause disturbance on your kid when he is sleeping. You may sew the sails around the mast to make them more secure and firm.
  • Bring out an old chest. Place some fake treasures such as pearls, necklaces, golden cups and other fake jewelry and ornaments. Put the chest in one corner of the room. Install a small spotlight on the wall and focus it on the treasure chest.
  • Assemble some fishing gear. Mount a set of fishing net on another side of the wall. Remember that pirates do some fishing too so a fishing net ornament is very appropriate.
  • Use a ship’s wheel. Attach this item at the foot of the bed. Your boy can pretend that the bed is his ship and he is the captain. While stirring the wheel, you can even hear him shout “Ahoy, all aboard!”
  • Accessorize.  Give the themed bedroom a total pirate look by bringing in more articles such as swords (wooden), eye patch, maps and a pirate flag with a letter X splashed on it.

Spice up the pirate themed room some more by taking your son’s picture in a pirate costume. Place the photo in a frame and hang it by the headboard of his bed. This will make the bedroom look as an authentic pirate ship complete with things associated with pirate games and all.


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