How To Create a Prank Flash Animation

Have you been a victim of prank flash animation? That is when you opened your email, you found a link in your inbox and when you clicked the link, you got the surprise of your life when some scary figures flashed on the screen? Well, if you are wondering how you can also shock a friend using prank flash animation, here are tips you can use for this trick:

  • Install Macromedia or Adobe Flash. If these are not readily available in your system install them using appropriate discs or drivers.
  • Use ActionScript. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Flash and computer animation is also useful.
  • Choose a prank. You may sketch the setup on a drawing pad. Indicate each sequence or series of acts that you want to include. Start from the intro to the final scene. The usual arrangement consists of an innocent image in the beginning with nice music background. Then suddenly towards the middle, something eerie happens until the whole series ends with a gruesome picture such as a screaming vampire or a groaning headless creature.
  • Prepare the materials. You may use sketches or drawings, photos or downloaded images from television shows or movies. Look for suitable music from your collection if you have one.
  • Crop the images. You can make a collage if you want. All these applications can be done with a photo shop program.
  • Make a story board. Like how they do it when making commercials – make a sequence of scenes from the start to end of the animation set up. Assign a frame for each step or scene.
  • Construct the flash animation. Base the animation on the story board you have produced. Plan the time duration of your program. You can run the preliminaries in 20 seconds to establish the audience and keep them glued to the screen. After this period, make a sudden release of a frightening picture, accompanied by a startling music or sound effects. Make sure both the images and the music synchronize well. Delayed sounds will strip the whole thing of its prank value.
  • Make the prank flash interactive. You can do this by inserting instructions below the screen such as: “scroll to see more” or “right click to see image” and so on. Each time the viewer moves the mouse, (according to your instruction), he is led closer to the shocking finale of the whole sequence.
  • Include stories. Hold the viewer’s attention by injecting some intriguing facts in the series. For instance, you can use favorite fairy tales like Cinderella as reference. A rolling statement such as: “Cinderella, I adore you, let me put my arms around you” - will surely seize the viewer’s interest to the very end especially when a nice music is playing from the background.
  • Integrate ActionScript program. Test-run your production. Next, save your file in your computer and attach it to emails by importing. You can also publish the prank flash animation you created in your blog or website.

There are a number of prank flash animations on the Internet, particularly on YouTube. Be careful not to duplicate any of these already published creations so you will not be made liable for infringement of rights.


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