How To Create a Tree Sculpture with Wire

Wire has many uses. It can be used in supporting objects by mounting and attaching them together. It can also serve as frame for plants, baskets and other ornaments around the house. Of late, the most amazing function invented with the use of wire is in creating a tree sculpture. Wire tree sculpture is an artistic way of making tree figures which can be used as centerpiece or corner display in any room. A finished tree sculpture made with wire commonly attracts art enthusiasts and this craft has become quite popular among craft hobbyists. To create a tree sculpture with wire, here are the steps:

  • Bring out the materials to be used in creating your tree sculpture. You will use one roll of steel or copper wire, pliers (needlenose type), gloves and decorations (stones, beads, buttons, charms, and so on). The type of wire you will use depends on the kinds of decorations you will place. Since stones are heavy, you will need thicker wire. With beads, buttons and charms, the regular type of wire will be fine. Make sure that if you opt for a thicker wire, it should be flexible enough to be bent and twisted as you make your design.
  • Cut the wire with the needlenose pliers. The type of pliers you need to use has tapering nose or points. It is useful in cutting wires and tin sheets. Determine how many strips of wire you will use in creating the tree sculpture. Estimate how much wire will be consumed for the trunk, the branches and leaves. Of course, the size of your tree sculpture is the number one factor to be considered in order to determine how much wire you need for your project.
  • Start creating the tree sculpture. Using the same needlenose pliers, wind and twist the pieces of wire together so that they are all joined at one end. Give room for allowance by leaving some inches on the base so you can mount it later on a vase or pot. Spread the wire strips on the top part of the tree to form the branches. You may twist or turn some of them in different directions to make the branches look more natural.
  • Wrap some strips of wire on the trunk of the tree. In order to separate the branches of your tree from its main trunk, you need to make the bundle thicker and tighter. Join several branches together on one cluster. Make as many clusters as you can. You may want to bend some of the branches to create a drooping effect.
  • Shape out the branches. Twist each branch in different routes. Some branches may droop as others may stand erect while the rest may jut out in straight direction. While working on the wire pieces, be sure to protect your hands by wearing a pair of sturdy gloves. If you work with bare hands, you might accidentally prick or cut yourself with the pliers or sharp pointed wire.
  • Separate the wires below the trunk. By separating the wires, you create the roots now. Spread the roots one by one to make them look more realistic.
  • Mount the roots. Place the wire tree sculpture on a shallow dish or any frame that will hold them on the base. Secure the roots well in place to prevent the tree from falling. Tuck in the wire pieces that are protruding out from the base to prevent scratches on your couch or wooden table.
  • Attach the decorations. The decorations shall give the tree that finished art look. The color of the decorations does not matter much as long as they are well aligned and enough to cover the wire pieces.

Creating a tree sculpture with wire is a very fulfilling hobby. You can even convert this hobby into an enterprise. Begin the business by showing your craft to friends and acquaintances and later asking them for orders.


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