How To Create More Storage Space in an Entertainment Center

It used to be that you only need a table or a shelf to hold a TV set and a video player. The trend today is for bigger televisions, like the new LCD or plasma TVs that are larger, sleeker and thinner. Stereo systems are not to be outdone. As these electronic appliances become more affordable, it is very easy to accumulate more of these electronic gadgets. The dilemma when this happens is that a homeowner may run out of space to hold the TV, the stereo system, game consoles and movie and music players. An entertainment center is the solution to this problem, as you can organize and hold all your entertainment equipment in one place. With more space to hold various items, if you are not careful, an entertainment center can become cluttered with other stuff. Below are tips to create more storage space in an entertainment center.

  • Review all the entertainment gadgets that you already have. Identify those that you use more often and those that are used occasionally as well as those that are seldom used. Determine how much space you have in the family room and take the measurements with you when you go shopping.
  • Look for an entertainment center that will give you the option to add more storage space when needed. Modular entertainment cabinets will generally fit the bill since you can arrange some of the outer shelves in different positions and alter the location of some open shelves.
  • Look for one with a storage cabinet at the bottom where you can place the appliance manuals, spare batteries, and your collection of favorite DVDs.
  • Buy an organizer for the various remote controls and game controllers so that these are all in one place. Tell your family members that they should return the remotes and game controllers into the organizers after use.
  • Store your collection of other DVDs in a separate rack so that these will not be scattered and piled up on any available surface of the entertainment center. Do the same for the music CDs and video games.  Keep them in their cases so you they will be easier to identify and segregate. Ask your family’s cooperation in returning the DVDs to the rack and the other discs in their holders after use and in keeping the entertainment center clutter-free.
  • Strive to keep the back of the entertainment center organized and neat. Use a plastic cable tie like one that twists around cables and wires to organize the various connecting wires and cables from the different electronic appliances on the entertainment center. With the cables and wiring sorted and tied together instead of taking space on empty shelves, you will have a sleeker and neater look and leave more room for other gadgets.
  • Buy a magazine rack as well as smaller storage bins that you can place near the entertainment center to hold books and magazines. Allocate another box for toys and games that smaller children use in the family room. Avoid displaying action toys and figurines, stuffed toys and picture frames on the entertainment center shelves. There are other places in the family room and around the house to display these items to keep the entertainment center uncluttered and orderly.

An entertainment center can be one of the main attractions inside your home. A neat and organized entertainment center will earn praise and compliments from your guests. With everything in place, it will be easier for you to locate what you need, whether it is a remote control, a game controller, a DVD or a music CD with the least bit of effort.


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