How To Create Motorcycle Paint Schemes

A motorcycle has become an extension of the owner’s character. For motorcycle enthusiasts, a motorcycle is very much a part of their lifestyle that they want their motorcycle painted with something akin to their personality, one that will proclaim their individuality and even echo their interests and dreams. For them, their motorcycle is a sacred possession that should be accorded the best of care and attention. A motorcycle is all about speed and how well it handles around curves. Common motorcycle paint schemes are usually associated with speed and fire. When it comes to decorating and painting a motorcycle, below are tips on how best to create a paint scheme.

  • Search for designs that will match the size of your motorcycle. There are several sites on the web that will give you information and advice on how to create a design, what paints to use, the sources of materials and of course, design ideas. It you are not too creative, these resources will be very helpful. Look for sites that specialize in custom designs and airbrush painting.
  • Decide on what design you want painted on your motorcycle. Look for free clipart, objects in nature, and other design ideas that you think will reflect your personality and taste. You should also decide on which parts of the motorcycle body you want the design painted. If you are not adept at using a computer graphics application, trace the parts of your motorcycle on paper so you will have a rough idea on the dimension of the areas that you want to paint. Make notations for the breaks and holes in the motorcycle body, as these should be integrated in the composition of the design.
  • You can first draw a small sample of your design and improve on it before creating an actual size to be used as your template. Make the actual size of your design and add the colors that you have chosen. Cut the design parts and tape it to the motorcycle body to have a clearer view of how exactly it will look like. Consider decals to cover the smaller areas of the overall design. View your design from the top, the front and both sides of the motorcycle. Most designs will have similar patterns on each side of the gas tank, a different design on top and continuing graphics on the mud guards.
  • Choose colors that will best show off the design that you have chosen. Colors with high contrast work best with bold graphics and pinstriping while airbrushing for better color blending are suited for murals and objects from nature.
  • If you are going to paint the motorcycle yourself make sure that your design is easy to create and paint. Be sure that you know what types of paints and brushes will give you a professional finish. Do not make your design too intricate, as small details will no longer be seen when you are out on the road. Make it easy for you to transfer your paint scheme by using templates or trace the design directly onto the motorcycle body.

If you are not sure that you can handle the painting yourself search for shops near you that do custom car and motorcycle body works and bring your design with you. Check out their prices, the length of time it will take for them to finish the job and the warranty for their work. Look at their catalog and inquire if there will be an extra charge if you want some refinement on your personal design.


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