How To Create Unique Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations makers have hundreds of templates to choose from. Just plug in the names of the bride and groom and the details of the wedding and you are done! But wouldn’t it be nice to create a truly one of a kind wedding invitation—the kind that no one has ever seen before?

Here are a few suggestions on how to create a wedding invitation that is unique and special at the same time.

  • Create an invitation that expresses the feel of the actual wedding. Some couples want their wedding to be very formal occasions where nothing is out of place. Others want a simple, laid back wedding. Still, other couples plan their wedding to be full of fun and laughter. Traditional weddings are more “dignified” while modern weddings are more accessible and loose. Decide which type of wedding you want to have. Then let this show in the invitation.
  • Choose an invitation based on the theme of the wedding. The basic look of the wedding invitation should be based on the theme or the location of the occasion. For a destination wedding, your invitation can reflect where you are going. A wedding set in the tropics can have tropical images on the invitation. To go a step further, you can send your guests one flip-flop and attach the details of the wedding to it. The other flip-flop you can give during the reception with a thank you card attached.
  • Incorporate images of the season when the wedding will take place. Dried leaves in golden shades can be used to decorate an invitation for an autumn wedding. Hand-painted spring flowers will look great on a spring wedding invitation. Pine smelling paper will remind guests that the wedding will be in winter. Seasonal images can add a unique look to any wedding invitation.
  • Add touches of color. Most invitations are printed on neutral color stationary. Find a way to add the bride and groom’s favorite colors into the invitation. Tissue inserts can reflect the wedding theme’s color. Use colored ribbons as an accent on the invitation. The inner part of the envelope can have the color of the wedding or the couple’s favorite shade. A different color can also be used for the lettering
  • Include a photo or artwork. Engagement pictures are now included in some invitations. Other couples put pictures of them when they were babies or little kids. Some invitations feature watercolor drawings or pencil sketches of places special to the couple. You can include any one of these design elements to make the wedding invitation special.
  • Create an audio or video invitation. For a truly unique wedding invitation, create a CD of songs special to the bride and groom. Make the first track an audio invitation to the wedding. If you are having a laid back, fun wedding, make a video invitation!

There are many other ways of coming up with a unique wedding invitation. It is all about personalizing the invitation so it reflects the would-be Mr. and Mrs.’ personalities. Little things like a treasured picture, small artwork or sketches, a personally written poem, or other materials can be added to an invitation to make it unique. A unique wedding invitation will surely not be forgotten and may even be cherished as a special souvenir by the guests.


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