How To Decorate a Large Wall with Picture Frames

If you have the time and around $200, you can turn a boring and blank wall at home into a personal gallery with picture frames that you can make yourself. Large blank walls especially can benefit from this project. Here’s how to decorate a large wall with picture frames.

Conduct a visual inspection of the large wall. You need to figure out how many picture frames you need to buy as well as determine the various sizes that you need to fill the large wall. Accomplish this project in phases until you have completely filled the large wall with your choice of pictures and picture frames.

Prepare the following:
Store-bought picture frames in the same color but different sizes. Ikea offers a relatively good number of colors and sizes.
A coffee table book with lots of pictures. For example, a coffee table book of professionally-taken photographs of rivers, mountains, countryside, and other nature-inspired photography. You can also freely decide which books you want to buy that will best express your personality.
A paper cutter for slicing the picture off the page. This is good for precise cutting as opposed to scissors.
$200 for the picture frames.
Concrete/masonry nails and a power drill.

  • Scout for picture frames. As suggested, you can go to Ikea for this. You can also drop by a vintage store for eclectic picture frames. It’s your call, but make sure that the whole bunch of picture frames you’re buying will fit into the color scheme in your home.
  • Choose black frames. Black picture frames complete with glass panels seem to be a popular choice because it can fit into any design category and color scheme. Black picture frames also draw the eye to the center of the piece where the pictures are. In short, this color will make your pictures pop.
  • Go through the pictures in the book and start taking these off the page for framing. Use the loose frame inside the picture frame as your pattern to determine the size and scope of the image that will be framed. Use a cutter to make a flawless cut.
  • Tape the pictures into the back panels and slide the finished back panels into the picture frames. Don’t put these up just yet.
  • Line all the picture frames on a table. Assuming that you are now done with your picture frames, it’s time to line them all up to see how you would place each one on the wall.
  • Do not place all the same-sized frames side-by-side. Instead, play around with the layout. Small, medium, large is one layout. Medium, large, medium is another. The idea is to create an eclectic layout that will be fun to see.
  • Do not place the same dark pictures alongside each other. Separately arrange light and dark pictures or images that somehow have a theme but not the same color.
  • Drill masonry nails into the wall. When the nails are securely drilled on the wall you can already start putting all your pictures frames up and arranging them according to the layout most attractive to you.

When guests come to visit your home, it will be quite a conversation piece and you’ll be proud to say you did all of it yourself!


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