How to Decorate a Living Room End Table

If you have a living room end table at home that has been bare for quite some time now, it’s probably high time you acquire items that will look good on it.
Here’s how to decorate a living room end table:

  • Check out how other designers do it. You can surf Internet websites to look for design inspirations. Another suggestion is to get a subscription and read up on the latest decorating accessories for tables in the pages of House&Garden, Good Housekeeping, and House Beautiful magazine.
  • Buy the items that you want to decorate your table with. You might want to consider the following functional decors:
    • table lamp with soft lighting 
    • couple of coffee table books on art, architecture and design
    • wine bottles
    • table coasters
    • table runner
    • scented candles
    • wrought-iron candelabra stands
    • glass bowl holding colorful marbles
  • Pay attention to the style and finish of your living room. The decorations for the end table must fit in well with the color scheme in your home. These aesthetics will play a role in decision-making when buying the suggested items here.
  • Include something exotic or eye catching in your items. This will make an instant conversation piece. You can buy something that cannot be easily bought at your regular home décor stores. For example, miniature Korean or Japanese dolls, coasters that are made from Lapiz Lazuli, and Biba hanging lamps from Kenneth Cobonpue.
  • Clean the table properly. Wipe off scratches and water rings with a cleaning product made from Linseed oil. Linseed oil removes stain and scratches while leaving a protective film that stays on the table for a long time.  
  • Place a slim table runner on the center of the table. The table runner should be laid down flat and straight through the entire center of the table. Get those made in linen for a very tasteful and classy look.
  • Start placing the items one by one on the table.
    • Lamp. This goes on the table first. This will look nice when placed on
      the center of the table. The soft lighting will be beautiful especially
      when you want to rest by the sofa at night with a glass of wine.
    • Coffee table books. The book titles are entirely up to you. However for
      coffee table books to look so cosmopolitan and classy on your table you
      might want to purchase those which feature art, architecture,
      decorating, food and wine.
    • Coasters. Now that your living room end table is starting to look fresh
      and new again, you should add coasters for people to use when they have
      cold drinks on hand. This protects your end table from hard-to-remove
      water rings.
    • Candles. Choose your favorite scents and sizes. Place these on opposite
      ends of your table. You don’t have to light these candles. They just
      have to look pretty on your table. By the way, candles smell fresher
      when they’re organic so buy organic candles.
    • Glass bowl and colorful marbles. A medium-sized glass bowl with colorful marbles can be placed near the coffee table books.
    • Exotic odds and ends from around the world. Since the coasters aren’t in
      use just yet, you can place a couple of exotic pieces like miniature
      Russian dolls or tea cups on the coasters. It will be an instant
      ice-breaker when you invite a date into your home for a night cap.

There you go! That’s how you decorate your living room end table. Hope you will find this to be an enjoyable foray into table decorating!


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