How To Design a Cool Climate Well House

A well house serves as a protective shelter for the water source during the cold months. The water pipes can freeze with the cool climate and this will prevent you from getting water from the well. The design of the well house must be figured out before construction so that it can serve its purpose. There are many things to consider when you are designing a cool climate well house. Read and follow the tips provided below to learn how you can design your very own cool climate well house.

  • Check your local building codes. First, you have to check with your local community building code. You can contact your local office to check on the requirements for building outdoor shelters such as your well house. Take note of the dimensions and the depth that must be followed for digging.
  • Dimensions of the well house. Measure the dimensions of your well. This will be your guide in building the foundation of the well house. Take note of the height of your well. Make sure that you follow the local building codes in your area when you are taking down the dimensions that you need for your well house.
  • Concrete pad and insulation. Make it a part of your design to add a concrete pad and insulation to the walls of the well house. The added insulation and pads will prevent the well from freezing during the cold winter months. You can consult a construction team to help you with the right insulation material to use for your well house.
  • Use a heat lamp. Include a heat lamp in your design. The heat lamp will maintain the temperature inside the well house. Use it during the cool weather to keep the temperature inside the well house high. Use a heat lamp that will be able to withstand cold temperatures.
  • Provide a good roof. Provide a removable roof on top of the well house. This will keep object such as leaves, twigs and snow from entering the well house. Make sure that the material used for the roofing is sturdy and heavy to keep it from getting blown by the wind.
  • Work with construction team. It will be pretty hard to make and design your own cool climate well house if you have no idea where to start. You can consult an expert to give you some input on the materials to use and to improve the overall design of the well house. Doing this will ensure you that your well house will be able to withstand the harsh weather.

Now you know the basic things to include when designing your well house. Start working on the well house months before the cold weather comes so that you can build it without hurrying. This will ensure that your well house will have all the elements and components that will protect your water supply from freezing up. You will not have to worry about frozen pipes and losing your water source for the wintertime.


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