How To Do a Gift Wrap Prank

If you are one of those people who think that a gift is only judged by how extravagant and expensive it is, then you are mistaken. You can still make your gift memorable without actually spending a fortune on the gift itself. The key is in how you present the gift. Sometimes how you wrap a gift is what really makes it more appealing and interesting. It is often the one that leaves fonder memories in the person you are giving the gift to, may it be a friend or a loved one.

If you want to take gift-wrapping to the next level and really create a memorable experience for your friend, you might want to consider prank wrapping it. Here is how you can prank wrap a gift.

  • Buy a small gift. The idea behind this prank is to mislead the person you are giving a gift to into thinking that you actually bought him a huge present. Hence, the success of this prank relies on how huge the packaging of the gift is and on how small the size of your actual gift is. Some gifts that you might want to consider are a key chain, jewelry, a pen, etc. It also helps if the gift is something that your friend will not expect to receive at all. It will really make it a memorable experience for your friend.
  • Gather the gift-wrapping materials. Aside from the typically needed materials such as a pair of scissors and tape, you also need to collect gift boxes of different sizes and a lot of gift-wrapping paper. You can use the same design for the gift-wrapping paper or you can make it different for every box. It is totally up to you. To make it more annoying and fun, you may also want to buy colored pens and some gift notes.
  • Start wrapping from the smallest box to the biggest box. Put your gift inside the smallest box you were able to find and then start wrapping it. When you are finished with this, put this wrapped gift inside the next slightly bigger box and then wrap it as well. You can wrap it with a gift-wrapping paper that has a different design to make it more fun to open. Or you can just use the same design all throughout. Keep wrapping it inside the boxes until you are able to put it inside the biggest box. The number of boxes you collected only limits you. You can wrap it inside as many boxes as you want. You can also put notes in between boxes like “You are almost there!” or “Unwrap me.” to make it more fun.
  • Take a picture of your friend’s reaction. To see your friend’s reaction as he opens the boxes one by one is a precious moment and should be captured on film. Make sure that you have a camera to capture the moment.

It will also help if your friend is very patient. Do not do this to a friend who easily gets annoyed because you might end up ruining his mood for the entire party.


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