How To Do Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is normally taught at a young age. Teachers take a considerable amount of time in training kids on how to do it right. If you are one of those who wish to improve your cursive writing, here are some valuable tips:

  • Know the basic parts of cursive writing. There are three of them. First is the proper formation of the letter. Second is the uniformity of the size of the letter. Last is the appropriate slanting of the letter. By sticking to the basic parts, you can readily enhance your cursive writing skills. It is absolutely easy and fun to do.
  • Understand the rules. Cursive writing is guided by some standards. First, you should begin writing at the top when you form small cursive letters (written individually). You need to position your pen or pencil at the highest point of the letter that you intend to write. Second, you should let the small cursive letters reach similar height. However, you need to guide yourself by the “groupings”. For example, “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, and “u” should have comparable height. The same should be followed for this group - “h”, “l”, “b”, “d”, and “t”. Third, you should make the spacing in between words more even and consistent. The ideal “space” is equivalent to the size of the letter “o” (lower case). And finally, observe the pointers when connecting letters. When a letter is finished at the top, you should connect it to the next letter using a horizontal line. On the other hand, when it is finished at the bottom, link using a diagonal line.
  • Tilt your paper. Cursive letters slant. So, aid yourself by angling your paper properly. You can tilt or slant it to the left or to the right, depending on your preferred style.
  • Invest on good references. There are numerous books that you can rely on. They give specific instructions on how you can effectively pen words in cursive. They also contain some practice exercises, allowing you to readily improve your writing skills. There are two highly recommended books on cursive writing. The first is by Patricia Barbee and Donald N. Thurber. Their book is entitled  “D'Nealian Handwriting Cursive ABC Book”. The second is by Walter Storozuk and Allen Gonzalez. It is aptly called “Learn Handwriting”.
  • Get some practice materials on-line. You can readily download them from the net – yes, for free. This is a great alternative if your budget is limited and buying books is not practical. You can visit Check out their cursive font. Download the font type, save it, and then, install it in your computer. Once you have the font type, create your personal practice sheets. Print them and begin training your hands.

Cursive writing requires regular practice. You can’t master it overnight. You should establish a routine of some sort. Discipline yourself to write stuff. If you are studying, write your homework in cursive. If you are working, prepare your report – yes, in cursive. If you are patient and devoted, you are surely going to enhance your penmanship in no time. Your goal is to make it clear, consistent, and beautiful.


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