How To Dress Up Sexy

You may find it incredulous but “sexy” truly is a mindset, rather than a set of vital statistics. Men may ogle the perfect model figures of those women on TV, movies and beauty pageants. But ladies, it is not these women’s 24-inch waistlines that have the men hooked, but it’s their confidence. Sexy simply is confidence and you will easily discover that men will be drawn to you if you exude this confidence.

Everyone has a flaw but women tend to see more flaws in themselves than most people. To build up confidence, instead of focusing on the negative, praise the parts of your body you do like: your toned arms, perky butt, breasts and etc.

To complement that confidence, here are a few tricks to raise your sex appeal. Here’s how to dress up sexy.

There is a science to beauty. Human beings are attracted to symmetry of the face and a certain bust-waist- hip ratio. Regardless of size, what makes a woman sexy physically is the illusion of an hour glass shape. Fortunately for you, you can create the illusion. There are three key parts of the body that a woman should take notice of when dressing sexy: breasts, waist and legs.

  • Bountiful bosoms. Make sure you have the perfect strap and cup support. One key aspect to looking sexy is FEELING sexy so if you don’t have the perfect support up front it is hard to feel comfortable in your skin. Buy a well-fitting bra that will bring up and separate your breasts. It will not only give the illusion of a fuller bosom but it gives that perkiness that you had when you were younger. If you are not as blessed as Beyonce, you can create the illusion of that perfect bosom by wearing a push up bra, water bra or even with makeup. Dust a bit of blush in the “valley” between your breasts to create shadowing.
  • Whittled down waist. Every girl’s best friend is a girdle or corset that will pull in the waist and smoothen out lumps. Emphasize and draw attention to the smallest part of your torso with a belt. For plus size women, try empire waist gowns, which cinch right under the breasts. It draws attention to the cleavage and draws attention to the smallest part of your torso. Don’t be ashamed even the hottest stars and celebrities like Beyonce and Renee Zelwegger in Bridget Jones’ Diary have admitted to wearing Spanx and other contraptions under their outfits to create that sexy curve. Tip. Regardless of shape or size, the wrap around dress does wonders to create that hourglass illusion. It comfortably cinches at the waist and it flows smoothly over curves. Every wardrobe should have this.
  • Sky high legs. Perk up your butt and elongate legs by wearing heels. Even just a few inches can do a great deal. Heels may hurt like hell but heels improve posture and firm up the butt. Another means to “sexify” your legs is to wax it. Wax (rather than shave) and moisturize the legs with cocoa butter lotion for that smooth, silky feeling.

The secret to looking sexy is feeling sexy. Exude confidence and believe that you are truly a gorgeous woman. Men will be drawn to that undeniable sex appeal. Try it and you’d be surprised how a few minor changes in the way you carry your self will get an instant response from men.


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