How To Dye your Clothing

Light colored clothing can be given a new look through dying. The process of dying fabrics and clothes has been in existence for thousands of years. Early civilizations used complex methods in turning light colored fabrics into bright reds, purples and blues. But modern man has discovered easier ways to turn fabrics and clothes into different colors.

One way to change the color of your clothes is by using a cold water dye. This type of dye can be purchased from craft stores and supermarkets. Below are the steps in dying your clothing using this method.

  • Gather and prepare your materials. For cold water dying, you will need your dye, the clothing you want to re-color, water, large bowl big enough for the clothing to move around freely while immersed in water, liquid measuring cup and a wooden stirrer or stick that you don’t use for food. In choosing an item to dye, white colored clothing is best. However, you can also dye clothing with the same hue as the cold water dye you chose. This gives the piece of clothing a fresher look. You may want to work near a large sink or the bathtub because you will need to rinse the dyed clothing later on. Also, spread some old newspapers on the worktable to keep your table neat and dye-free. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves whenever you use dyes.
  • Prepare the dye. Measure the amount of water needed to dissolve the dye. You can find the right amount on the package of dye. Place the water in your large bowl. Add the dye. If the type of dye you bought requires that salt be added to the dye and water, do this now. It is important to follow the directions on the package. Stir the water and the dye with your wooden spoon or stick until all the dye is dissolved. You should have a brightly colored liquid in your large bowl after stirring.
  • Soak your clothing. Gently place your clothing into the bowl of colored water. Slowly stir the clothing to allow it to absorb the dye. The amount of time that your clothing should sit in the dye will depend on the brand. Make sure to follow the directions on the package. Once in awhile, stir or agitate the clothing. This ensures that the dye is absorbed thoroughly.
  • Rinse your dyed clothing. After soaking remove your clothing from the dye. Transfer it to the sink or into the bathtub. Rinse your dyed clothing under running water. Stop when the water coming from the dyed clothing is clear. This will take a lot of water and a lot of time.

Tips and warnings:

  • Before dying any clothing, make sure it has been washed and dried.
  • Use rubber gloves when using dyes so that it does not stain your hands. You may also want to wear an apron or old clothing just in case the dye spills.
  • The first time you launder your dyed clothing in the washing machine, wash it alone. Your dyed clothing may still bleed out. If there are other clothes in the washing machine, these clothes will absorb the dye.
  • Clothes made of cotton are the best type of clothes to dye. Cotton fabric absorbs dyes well.

Give your clothes a new look. Use dyes to turn them into fun, vibrant outfits. Dying clothes is easy. Aside from the cold water dye method above, there are other ways to dye your clothing. Find out more about dying clothes and experiment and have fun!


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