How To Encourage Workplace Etiquette among Employees

You can improve your office environment by encouraging everyone to observe workplace etiquette. It can readily boost morale and improve productivity. Without workplace etiquette, conflict abounds, negativity thrives, and efficiency gets derailed.

Of course, imposing workplace etiquette is easier said than done. Your co-workers may react differently when they sense your plan, especially when you are not the manager. But, don’t give up. You can still accomplish your plan without facing some office issues.

Here are some suggestions on how you can effectively motivate employees in observing workplace etiquette:

  • Know about workplace etiquette by heart. Take control of the situation by knowing what workplace etiquette is all about. Basically, it involves a certain set of rules to be followed. The rules are meant to modify behavior. Everybody is expected to respect each other. The rules need to be approved or seconded by everybody. They should be fair, objective, and reasonable. When everybody agrees to heed the rules, workplace etiquette is readily ensured.
  • Set yourself as a good example. Instead of enforcing the rules, you can use yourself to prove your point. For example, if you want to uphold punctuality in meetings, see to it that you are never late. You are surely going to be the laughing stock if you fail to practice what you preach. Another good scenario involves wearing your proper uniform. If you report to office in your casual attire, your co-employees are certainly going to ignore your call for proper attire (as a measure of professionalism). Of course, if you are always ahead in meetings and you dress up well, you can inspire your co-employees to follow your suit.
  • Announce the changes. Policies and procedures are normally established to set the rules. If there are some changes to be incorporated, implementing guidelines are issued, too. Employees should be formally informed about the adjustments. So, if you have been designated to chair the committee, you can announce the changes by calling an assembly. During the meeting, specific details are covered and discussed. You can also put up an inter-office memo, duly signed by your immediate superior. After you have conducted the meeting or released the memo, try to get feedback. You can approach some employees and find out about feelings, thoughts, or sentiments. If they raise valid points, you can always relay them to your immediate superior. Further adjustments should be made. If conflicts arise, address them immediately.

Encouraging employees to observe workplace etiquette isn’t always smooth sailing. Hesitations can mar everybody’s enthusiasm. Some employees need longer time to absorb the things that need to be done. Some may turn out to be complacent, or not interested at all. Others even resist the changes. By anticipating those predicaments, you can easily prepare yourself to be more patient and understanding. You have to psyche up yourself. You have to find ways on how you can manage the situation and focus on your original goal. If you have to read additional references, one of the better materials that you should source is “Business Etiquette for Dummies”. Sue Fox wrote the book.


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