How To Eradicate Moles

If you have a garden, then you know that one of the pests that you have to deal with in your lawn care and maintenance are moles. These creatures live underground and are often found in gardens since lawns provide excellent and consistent food sources for these animals.

It can be quite cumbersome to get rid of these moles, but you need to be vigilant and consistent so your garden isn’t overrun by molehills and tunnels. Here are some ways to eradicate moles in your yard.

  • Determine where they are. Go around your garden to assess if you have moles. The easiest way to know if you have a problem is to see if you find any molehills or tunnels. This will be soil protruding from the ground. If you find a mole tunnel, kick it around with your foot. Check the next day and if you notice that it was reconstructed, then you know that you have an active mole in your backyard. The tunnel will also be hollow on the inside.
  • Remove their food source. Eliminate grubs from your garden if you want to eliminate moles. If moles don’t have anything to eat, they’ll be forced to leave your yard.
  • Set traps. You can make your own pit trap to catch the mole. When you find an active tunnel, choose a spot on the tunnel and dig so you can place a coffee can or other container on the same level as the ground of the tunnel. Cover the surface of the tunnel with some leaves, twigs or cardboard so that light from the surface doesn’t reveal the can at the bottom. This way, the mole will fall in the tunnel when it walks in the tunnel. If you don’t want a homemade solution, there are products you can buy from the hardware store or gardening supply store that will decapitate moles and other rodents.
  • Have technology on your side. Electronic pest control is an approach you can take to eliminate your mole problem. You can purchase these gadgets at your hardware store. These are battery operated and emit a sound that is displeasing to the mole because it makes the creature think there are other moles in the area. This will compel the mole to leave your yard alone.
  • Spray the ground with repellent. You can also spray your yard with repellent. The repellent won’t kill the moles but make the worms and grub taste unpalatable. Therefore, if the moles don’t like the taste of the food in your yard, these creatures will be forced to look elsewhere.
  • Poison the moles. If you want the moles dead and gone, you may poison the moles. However, be careful when you apply the poison to your yard because you don’t want to kill off the nutrients in your soil.
  • Drown the moles. Get your garden holes and place it at an opening to one of the tunnels. Turn on the faucet and fill the tunnel with water. The mole should run out.

Since moles don’t eat plants, you may actually want to have some in your garden. Moles can actually help you maintain your lawn since these creatures eat worms and grubs. However, if you want to eradicate all moles from your yard, consider the aforementioned ideas. If the problem persists despite your best attempts, call an exterminator to have the problem professionally dealt with.


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