How To Fast & Pray for Spiritual Power from God

Fasting and praying are the pillars of most religions since time immemorial. Although each religion calls for different modes of fasting and praying, one cannot deny the fact these are means to get people closer to God. Sadly, most people turn to God only in times of troubles to ask for help, most especially when they believe that everything else fails. This is the reason why some people think that fasting and praying are already religious practices of the past and have no room in today’s world. What these people don’t realize is that there are a lot more reasons why people today should fast and pray. With the upsurge of science and technology, people are more inclined not to put God at the center of their lives. With this being the reality that people face, these powerful tools – fasting and praying – are the only means that can bring people closer to God.

If you’re interested in fasting and praying, continue reading this article and learn some tips on how to effectively fast and pray.

  • Fasting and praying. Fasting is a form of sacrifice wherein a person abstains from doing something that he likes to do, while the purists say that it only refers to abstinence from food. It depends on the person how long his fasting would last, ranging from a day to a month.

    Praying, in its simplest terms, is having a dialogue with God. Reflecting and discerning are at the core of this act. While some people believe that it is God who actually talks to them whenever they come up with ideas when they pray, some people think that God does not directly talk to them but instead God simply guides them in coming up with ideas. At the end of the day, whichever you believe between these two religious concepts, praying is a means of opening the channels of communication between you and God.

  • Be sincere. Before you fast and pray you should, first and foremost, sincerely believe the idea and reasons behind doing these things. Remember that discernment – that is, reflecting with the help of God – is at the center of this act, and as such, open yourself to God. Liberate yourself from any doubts, which you have with regard to God’s existence, goodness, power and capabilities.
  • Prepare yourself from the rigors of fasting and praying. Fasting and praying requires dedication, and these practices will test not only your spiritual wellness, but your physical fitness as well. It would even be advisable to consult a doctor or physician about your health, whether you can endure fasting or not, before doing it. Even God wouldn’t you to get sick or even die from fasting and praying.
  • Detach yourself from other people. Be prepared not to rely on anyone or anything, except on God. Fasting and praying are acts, which involves only you and God. If possible, isolate yourself from others, as other people could only cause distraction, which makes it harder for you to complete your fasting and praying. Bear in mind that the idea behind fasting and praying is that it brings you closer to God when your body and mind can no longer endure without food.


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