How To Find a Disposable Phone

In today’s technological age, almost everyone has a cell phone. It’s not only a status symbol, but it’s a way to stay connected to other people and it is a critical tool to have in times of emergencies. Now, if you don’t have the cash to shell out for top model phone such as an iPhone, Nokia N series or a fancy Motorola unit, then you may do well with a disposable cell phone.

A disposable phone is a very affordable way to get connected to others without having to shell out a lot of money. If you want a basic, simple yet functional phone, this is a way to go. Here’s how to find a disposable phone.

  • Determine who will use the phone. Before you buy any cell phone, you must first determine who will use the unit. The size of the phone, the ease of use and the portability of the unit will be influenced by who will actually be the one handling the phone. For example, if you are giving the phone to your child, you will want a unit that allows for easy text messaging. If you want a disposable phone so you have an emergency unit in your car, then you don’t need all the extras. If an elderly person will use the phone, you will want a larger LCD screen to be able to see the text and numbers more clearly.
  • Determine if a disposable phone will work for your lifestyle. If you are a heavy phone user who likes to work a lot on a mobile phone, you may want to get a gadget that will be more suitable for your needs. If you are on the phone all the time and want blue tooth capability, you may want to get a more sophisticated unit. However, if you are an occasional user or you want something just in case, then a disposable unit is the way to go.
  • Go to retailers. The easiest way to get a disposable cell phone unit is to go to a store. Mobile phones are sold at Target, Walmart and even grocery stores. A brand new disposable unit can cost for as little as $5 or as much as $20.
  • Check out garage sales. If you don’t mind a second hand unit, you may get lucky at yard sales. You’ll easily find disposable units for less than five dollars at garage sales.
  • Go online. Check out different auction sites and see if you can find an unused units or secondhand units. Try eBay. You can also try Craigslist. You may also see if there are any posts on people’s Facebook pages. If you post on your social networking site that you are interesting in acquiring a unit, you may get a huge response from people who are willing to sell or give you their old handsets.
  • Ask a friend. If your friend is upgrading mobile phone units, why not ask for his old unit? You can easily recycle something that is disposable for someone else! Since most people change phone units every one to two years, many cell phones are disposed off when it is still in perfect working condition.

As you can see, it’s very easy to find a disposable phone. You don’t even need to go through great lengths to get a cell phone unit.


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